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Will antenna improve my speeds?
I live in urban environment 200 metres from the cell tower my BS818 router connects to, but I have no windows facing the cell tower.
The best window is at 90 degrees angle to the cells. And there are lots of cells in band 1 and 3 on that tower which my router happily aggregates.

I get around 50 Mbps using a single-threaded speed test.

Can this be improved with a MIMO antenna?

Quiet period

Two download tests using with the nearest server
The cell that you are connected to appears unusually quiet for the time of evening based on the RSRQ reading. It's definitely the quietest I've seen any cell at peak time.

Both the signal strength (RSRP) and quality (RSRQ) readings are excellent on this band. I suggest selecting just one band at a time to check the readings of both bands in case one is much weaker. If the RSRQ is around -6dB on the other band, then you'll probably not get any further speed improvement with an antenna.

The SINR however is unusually low for the RSRQ reading, which indicates cross polarisation interference. If you don't have any antenna attached, try moving or turning the router by 30 degrees to see if the SINR improves and repeat, e.g. start with the back facing out the window and repeat until the back faces the left or right. Don't worry about the RSRP figure as long as it doesn't drop below -100dBm on either band.

If there's no improvement in speed, there could be a bottleneck on the mast's backhaul such as with the microwave link if it's not connected with fibre backhaul.

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