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How to add a custom URL to a Roberts Stream Internet radio after May 2019
Around mid 2019 Roberts switched from WiFiradio-Frontier to a new database service, which appears to be Frontier Nuvola Smart Radio.  This caused everyone's radios linked with the old provider to lose their presets, favourites and custom radio station streams.

According to Roberts' Radio FAQs, their radio station database partner does not support adding favourites or custom URLs.  However, from my testing with the Roberts Stream 83i and the Stream 93i, it is possible to add streams through Frontier's Nuvola Smart Radio website.

In order to set up favourites or custom URLs, you will need to first create a new account on their website:

1. Once you sign in, click the large "Connect new device" button.
2. On your Roberts radio, press the menu button, go into System Settings -> Info. 
3. Scroll down to "Radio ID" and type it into this field along with a name and click 'Connect device':


4. Go into "Favourites" (1), click "Personal Streams" (2) and click the "Personal Stream" button (3):


5. Enter the Station Title (1), the stream URL (2), tick "Shared Favourites" (3) and "Save Personal Stream":


Note: Be sure to click "Shared Favourites" (3) shown above, otherwise it will not appear on the radio.  If this happens, go into Favourites -> Personal Streams, click the edit icon to the right of the affected stream and tick the "Shared Favourites" check box. 

To access the stations on the radio, go into its menu, then Station list -> My Added Stations:


If you use the UNDOK app, you can access these by going into Browse -> My added Stations.

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