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Huawei B628 Balong 750 chipset
Hi Sean,

I noticed that Eir have switched from the B818 to the B628 just very recently for mobile broadband.  

I believe the 818 was a cat 19 router according to the specs but I'm really struggling to find anything on the 628.  Even a Google search is scant. 

Do you have any references to the 628 and how it compares to the 818?

Thanks Sean
It's Huawei's model # for the 4G CPE Pro 2 going by the Global Certification Forum:

Huawei has specs on the 4G CPE Pro 2. They don't mention the model #, but I presume it's that B628:

I wonder why Eir decided to return to a lower end router, unless it is down to cost saving. It appears to be a new revision of the B618 that Vodafone has been supplying. The B618 is a category 11 router, whereas the B628 is category 12. The main improvement is the upload speed, i.e. 100Mbps vs 50Mbps with the B618. Both have 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports, a phone jack and two TS9 antenna ports (unlike the 5G CPE Pro 2).

Basically, the B628 is a lower end router compared to the B818.
Thanks Sean, 

There's my bedtime reading sorted out. Would not have found that myself, I'll save it to bookmarks. Interesting so many category of LTE routers.. 

Not sure why they would have changed so suddenly unless it's a supply issue.

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