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Promised speed increase with signal booster
Hi, I've been having problems with my 3 mobile broadband speed. For years I have had extremely poor broadband with speed under 1mbps.
Last year I paid someone to find the best signal outside the house and put up an external panel antenna which gave us around 4-5mbps.
This signal lasted for a few months but eventually petered out, so this summer I took the antenna off the wall which was installed only just above a bungalow window, placed it on a 15ft pole and put it high up on the end of the house. The speed immediately shot up and for a few weeks was brilliant but lately its been poor in this evening (2mbps).
I presume its contention because my signal strength is still at least 4 bars and late at night I've seen speeds of over 100mbps.
I found a site called Irelandboosters and rang them for advice, they recommend the following booster for phone and data

I told them I was sure the problem is contention and my broadband signal is very good, but they have told me the system recommended will boost my speed. 
I'm not very tech savy but I don't know how a booster will improve a slow signal being received from the mast. Can anyone please explain or are they wrong.
Unfortunately a mobile signal booster will not offer any speed improvement over what you get directly from the antenna attached to your router. It will certainly improve the signal strength, but that does nothing for congestion in the same way that putting a bigger engine in your car will not go from A-B any quicker in rush hour traffic. With 4G it only boosts a single polarisation, so technically it can only deliver half the speed compared to having both antenna leads attached to your router.

What the mobile signal booster does do is improve mobile coverage in your house. So if you have no or very week indoor coverage, it improve it for calls and texts, however, you still will not get the same 4G performance as what the router would get directly from both leads of the antenna.

If your router shows the SINR signal reading, you can try fine tuning the antenna adjustment during peak time to try getting the SINR as high as possible. If it is already above 10, then the speed is as good as you will get on the band it's picking up. If you are using a Huawei Router (e.g. B315 or B525), you can try using the Android App huaCtrl to lock it to individual bands to see if any perform many better during peak time, e.g. 3, 1 and 28 (if supported). If any show no signal, then that band is not in use there. Bands 1 and 28 are temporary for the pandemic until April 2021.
Thanks for that, I thought what they were trying to sell me would not suit, you have confirmed it.
I have played around with the different bands but nothing works.
The only thing is I rang 3 and they said that there is a 5g mast in the same area but would not say when it would be activated. Would this newer technology help?
Obviously the antenna, router etc would all have to be replaced
At present, Three is only allowing certain 5G mobile handsets to access its 5G network. They don't appear to be allowing any 5G routers access yet other than to the existing 4G network, at least not going by feedback in this thread.

So I suggest waiting until until Three launches its 5G broadband plan before getting a 5G router. Of the very few 5G routers available, they are very expensive at close to £400, so hopefully the prices will come down by then.
Hi Sean, would changing my existing router benefit me, I've a huawei b525 at the moment but will have to get a WiFi extender to carry the signal to the other end of the house. 
I seen this router on adverts today
Would this help? It will obviously have enough range for the whole house but could a different router improve speed?
My preferred choice for extending the Wi-Fi would be a mesh kit, which is what I use in our house (I have two Tenda Nova MW6 nodes). You attach one node to the router, then place the second about midway across the house where the Wi-Fi signal is still good. This should cover the rest of the house.

I'm not sure how well the NetGear R7800 will cover the house if placed at one end. Most of these high tech routers are intended for fibre connections to provide high speed Wi-Fi to lots of devices nearby, but generally don't provide the Wi-Fi coverage that a Wi-Fi mesh kit can deliver. It would be like trying to light a large shed with a very bright bulb at one end instead of using multiple bulbs.

As you mention Three is bringing 5G to your area, I suggest holding off on replacing your 4G router. If you plan going for Three's 5G broadband, it would be worth asking about the Huawei 5G WIN FWA. This is an outdoor 5G router that they will send a technician to install, so you could have it mounted high up on that pole. You can also try asking them to run the lead somewhere more convenient inside (e.g. near the middle of the house). As the outdoor 5G router connects with an Ethernet cable, it can run a lot longer than an antenna coaxial cable. The indoor router with this installation is a Huawei AX3 Wi-Fi 6 router.
Thanks Sean, I had hopes of 5g broadband in the near future but I called into my local 3 shop and was told I would be a long time waiting, that there is an active 5g mast in my nearest town but they are finding that it's range is limited. 
I was wondering about the router because I've read reports of people upgrading their routers and getting much better results also changing the ethernet cable.
But as you said its probably hit and miss
The main two 4G routers I've heard good reports about are the Huawei B818 and the MikroTik Chateau LTE12. If the mast you are picking up operates on 3 or more bands, these two routers can aggregate 3 bands to provide faster throughput, particularly if the mast is operating on band 28 (which the B525 does not support). I reckon most of those seeing a big improvement are picking up band 28 as most people using Three for broadband are using routers that don't support band 28, which include the B525-23a (Three provided) the earlier models such as the B593, B315, etc. Band 28 is a temporary band made available to the mobile operators until April 2021 to provide additional capacity for those working from home during the pandemic.

Huawei B535 (which Three now supplies) also supports band 28. However, if Three is not using band 28 in your area, you will probably not see any improvement with this router.

Huawei B818 has TS9 antenna ports, which requires a pair of TS9 to SMA adapters to attach your antenna leads to it. If you can afford it, this is the one I suggest going for.

MikroTik Chateau LTE 12 is a professional grade router. It is quite technical to configure.

Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 can also aggregate 3 bands, but does not have antenna ports, so I suggest avoiding this router.

Sorry if this is in the wrong thread or post, I am new to this and find it a little confusing still.

I was with Vodafone Mobile Broadband since June last year as I could not work from home any longer on my fixed line and this has got really bad over the past 3 months, despite sill being in contract I asked a specialist to check about the installation of an antennae to help with a signal boost.
He told me that my best option was eir as he detected the best signal from them, with an antennae and a wifi mesh to spread the signal around the house.
This was quite expensive (€600) and I still have to pay €40 each month till July.

I decided to try my wifes sim card (eir) from her mobile in the vodafone router, this gave me speeds of 15-30mbps which was great. So I signed up with eir (new router Huawei B628) and bought BT Whole Home Mesh, having connected all up and with the router i was getting great speeds above 25+mbps and as high as 38/39mbps. I then connected located the BT mesh pods (3no.) around the house evenly and my speeds have dropped to 1mbps
Trying the sim from my wifes phone in the old router it still gives 15-30mbps.

Is this typical of using a mesh booster, I was expecting a slight drop at the furthest end from the router but even beside the router the speed is only 1mbps. With schooling online and working from home the speed is plenty from the router on its own but with the mesh dropping the speed it is no good at all we are having to hotspot and use the wifi router on its own without the mesh.

Any help / advice on this would be hugely appreciated. 
Many thanks.

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