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Ads showing on YouTube Premium embedded videos
As a YouTube Premium subscriber, I am paying for ad-free playback much like how one pays for Spotify Premium to listen to music ad-free.

This worked great up until the end of 2019 when I started noticing ad banners in some videos.  While I can close them off, this is not so simple while screen casting, plus why is YouTube even showing them when I have Premium membership?  

As I was about to contact Google about the issue (after finding the well-hidden link), I decided to try playing the same videos in Google Chrome and noticed every affected video played ad-free, yet continued showing ads in Firefox. After testing various YouTube videos on both YouTube and embedded on Patreon, I found that everything on the YouTube website itself played ad-free, however, some videos on Patreon were showing ads.

The last new feature I recall Firefox adding is tracking protection, which I think it enabled by default.  I turned it off on the Patreon website, tried various videos and sure enough the ads stopped appearing.  The likely culprit appears to be Firefox blocking one of the cookies that identifies whether I'm a YouTube Premium subscriber. 

Since turning off tracking protection, I noticed YouTube now keeps a history of embedded videos I watched, which it was not doing while tracking protection was on.

If there's a particular website you regularly watch embedded YouTube videos on, here's how to turn off tracking protection for that site, which should get rid of the YouTube ads if you're signed in with a YouTube Premium account.  Click the shield icon (1) and click the toggle (2):


The above screenshot also shows an example of an ad banner appearing on a Patreon video, including the yellow markers where additional ads will appear. 

After I turn off tracking protection for that website, no more ads appear in the embedded videos and the yellow markers are also gone:


The main YouTube website appears to be unaffected with tracking protection enabled in Firefox, at least on my end.

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