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5G routers, antennae and testing
I think I will finally order a CPE Pro today as I'm curious to see how well it will perform in my area. My poor old OnePlus deserves a break from tethering for almost two years now. Tongue

I'm unsure which model I should choose, the H112-370 or H112-372. I see the 372 supports more 5G bands, but will those bands other than n78 ever come to Ireland? It seems more readily available to buy online so I might just buy that.
Really interesting thread & some super information. I'm currently waiting on the CPE Pro to replace a b525, with the intention of hooking it up to a XPOL-2-5G antenna which I purchased a few months back before comreg outlawed it here.

Interestingly the installer told me a few weeks back that Three had informed him that they'll be shutting down the use of phone sims in routers within the next 4-5 weeks. I'm not sure how accurate or possible that is but he was from a reputable company & has no reason to lie.

I got the installer to point the antenna towards a newly updated tower about 3 kms from me but it's not getting a good 4g signal from it so despite the 5g map covering my house I'm not holding my breath especially after reading this thread & the one on boards. 

I'll update my experience with the cpe pro coupled with the xpol 2 5g antenna when it arrives late next week.
That might explain why the 5G data connection couldn't be established even though it was showing I had signal. I won't even mind using a broadband sim it's just they don't have any available for 5G atm... but thats out the window for now , last two days my signal was halved and it's back to old poor performance I used to have months ago  ever since these cell ID's changed.
I wonder why they outlawed that XPOL antenna though? What is special about it?

Still same issue as of today, They are saying "there is ongoing works" still but the cell is still running and connected to the 257 ID instead of the usual 1 ID so I assume if the cell is still up in its broken form then they aren't working on anything?. I went out the road a little to get height and used my phone, I was picking up the cell ID I was usually getting, and the 257 one as well with similar signal. I really hope this change isn't permanent as it's going from speeds like at peak 100-300 down and 30+ Upload. To 20 ish down and about 6 upload. It's a massive drop in performance and haven't been able to do the things I got used to doing ever since they upgraded it a few months back.
Only thing I can think of is the sector that provided the most signal in my direction is at really low powe so thats why its worse signal than the current one Im picking up and the CA problem still exists too if I cell lock to ID 1... they wouldn't swap around the position of the cells would they?

I also tried checking different areas for signal with the old LOG's... It's only the same ones , dungloe on the left and arranmore is more to the right. No new masts that I can tell.
He said it was to do with comreg thinking people were using them to redistribute the signal, ie selling it on. I disconnected my router from it as he got the best signal from a heavily congested cell which was no good to me.

The cell I wanted was one from a new tower put in across the road from my buddy. Interestingly the cell/mast doesn't appear on any cell finder apps. It will say 1km from mast but no cell information available, so I was putting it down to Three updating their network.

I drove right up next to it, had fantastic speeds but app couldn't locate tower. does that mean it wouldn't be possible to lock into that specific cell? The new cells are in the 90,000s.
(16/10/2020, 02:31 PM)Mitsuha Wrote: I'm unsure which model I should choose, the H112-370 or H112-372. I see the 372 supports more 5G bands, but will those bands other than n78 ever come to Ireland?
If you have the choice, I suggest going for the H112-370 as the Wi-Fi 6 provides a substantial improvement over 802.11ac on devices that support it, which no doubt will include most phones, tables and laptops in the next year or two like how 802.11ac is standard on most devices now.  The other 5G bands the H112-372 supports (n41, n77 and n79) will unlikely be used for the foreseeable future as ComReg will first need to get hold of the additional spectrum and auction it off, by which stage I'm sure there will be more capable and cheaper 5G routers available.

At the moment, it is looking very like that Three is either blocking 5G routers from accessing its 5G network or prepay phone SIMs as Twoms suggests.  I saw a response another user on Boards that his Huawei CPE Pro 2 does not appear to be working on 5G.  He mentioned the router shows a full 5G signal, but is no faster than 4G, which suggests that it's not making a data connection on 5G. 

I do wonder whether Three will block prepay phone SIMs, but seems unlikely based on what happened with Three UK.  The Three UK network did block prepay phone SIMs from tethering or working in routers, but removed those restrictions back in 2018 to comply with net neutrality.  In Ireland, Lyca Mobile which also blocked tethering has since removed that restriction.  So if Three start blocking SIMs from working in data devices, they could face a similar issue as the net neutrality rules covers all of the EU.  The current 5G blocking may be that Three does not yet support routers on the 5G network, so this could still change once it launches its 5G broadband.
Apparently works are finished on Arranmore and the speeds are a joke on top of the halved signal. Crying shame really, why would they do that? cell id's changed and it went to ****.
Definitely have to refund the 5G router then as I don't even get band 1 as a primary anymore. Went from hoping to get 5G to losing the great connection I had, back to old crap it used to be Cry .
just hooked up my router again to the xpol 2 5g & my readings have improved since last week by:
11 rsrp
6 sinr.

without the antenna its picking up the cell on the window sill which it never did.

I wonder are Three experimenting with different power settings maybe?

installation engineer also told me to make some phone calls with my sim so I put it in an old phone & rang England twice. it cost me about 32c. it all seems rather hit & miss. I'm on a bill pay unlimited Simo.
Oh dear, I certainly chose the wrong day to finalise my decision on buying the CPE Pro. Confused Thanks for the advice Séan, I'll see if I can find any H112-370s for sale. There are plenty of 372s on AliExpress for a more-or-less reasonable price so if I can't find any I might just go with a 372. I don't believe I own any Wi-Fi 6 capable devices at the moment either.

I wonder when Three will roll out their 5G broadband plans. I also wouldn't mind paying for a broadband SIM but I really see no incentive to do so currently when 5G is now here. I wonder how they're blocking 5G connection to routers, I'd say they probably are checking the IMEI which is a pity especially after spending hundreds on 5G equipment.

(16/10/2020, 04:06 PM)Twoms Wrote: Interestingly the installer told me a few weeks back that Three had informed him that they'll be shutting down the use of phone sims in routers within the next 4-5 weeks. I'm not sure how accurate or possible that is but he was from a reputable company & has no reason to lie.

That matches with the multiple reports of people being unable to establish a 5G connection with their 5G routers. Seems they must have already done that so? I hope they don't completely ban them outright even for 4G users.
They probably were experimenting with a less powerful setting and decided to keep it, why else would it just get halved out of nowhere, and suddenly the cell ID is changed to another one, and the performance is a joke in comparison to what it was. 17/08/2020 they added band 1 and band 28 to the Arranmore mast. They also improved existing band 3 cells at the site. I saw an improvement of -117 RSRP to -94 RSRP. Was huge. And it gave me the best internet upgrade I had in years. All up until 2 days ago, they made some changes and that's it , apparently everything is "back to normal and fixed, works completed , reboot your device"
Absolutely raging because I was so used to the new speeds, last thing I expected was to have it go back to the old way it used to be , enjoying it for months to have it taken away. So much for fast 4G nevermind 5G now. I'll stop going on about it Big Grin
Think you are entitled to go on about it in fairness. It highlights what is possible but for some strange reason (might upset the fibre big boys) us "sticks" people are left behind.

btw You dont think your 5g add on has anything to do with it? clutching at straws maybe...
Yeah funnily enough ever since I activated that 5G add on my problems began, I was able to carrier aggregate 3 bands before it flawlessly , usually using band 3 as the primary for uplink, and that would no longer work, literally as soon as I activated it, my connection would disconnect and reconnect in a loop non stop - some other CA combos work, but it broke a lot of the ones I mainly used. But the signal was still fine that day, it wasn't until the day after the signal dropped heavily and I saw that the cell ID's I usually connect to were different. which made me think right away they changed something, and I definitely think they did. I love living where I am the only down side is literally just internet, its too rural for anything else other than 3G/4G so I after I got used to those great have them taken away now is enfuriating. Spent a fortune on routers/antennas trying to improve it, but that can only get you so far. Senseless for them to do whatever they did. I'll probably refund my CPE pro now too since whatever chance of 5G I had will be out the window Big Grin looks like they are blocking routers anyway, some how , im not sure how but I wasn't able to get a data connection over 5G using the H112-372 CPE pro... but the antenna ports also dont work without taking it apart and using IPX-Female SMA connectors to hook onto the routerboard itself. I'd void warranty to mod it if I still had the signal I had a few days ago, but definitely not now. Looks like I'll have to start testing eir and vodafone all over again in the hopes they've done some 4G+ capability upgrades since last time, did anyone hear of any eir/vodafone upgrades done on arranmore? or dungloe?
My 3Pay AYCE bundle was on its last day today, so I decided to switch to the new 3 Prepay 20 plan to test the 5G booster.  For anyone reading this - Do not do this unless you have a 5G phone and don't care about giving up the legacy 3Pay plan.

The new plan was supposed to cost €10 this month, but ended up costing me €20.  Once I switched, it told me I had to top-up by €20 to activate it, so I thought that the way it works is it credits my account the remaining €10.  Turns out this is only the case if one tops up within My3 as I tried topping up by €20 by online banking and it gobbled the full €20.  Undecided

As I have plenty of credit left from the previous months of topping up (I rarely make calls), I did some tests before and after purchasing the 5G booster to test whether it has any effect on traffic shaping.  I also compared it against my bill pay Three broadband SIM using the same Mikrotik Chateau LTE12 router and antennae.  

The following below are comparisons of my Prepay SIM (3 Prepay 20 plan with the 5G booster using the 4G+ network) against my Bill Pay Three broadband SIM:  

nPerf - Three Prepay:
[Image: 3282820330739463-ss1j7mGV.png]

nPerf - Three Bill Pay Broadband:
[Image: 3282823365794156-YGVgC0TD.png]

TestMy London server - Prepay vs Bill Pay Broadband
[Image: 0ibpWQxFu.zdduG6HX0.png] [Image: TcVu1~46U.Ikyk7ctkl.png]

TestMy Colorado Springs server - Prepay vs Bill Pay Broadband
[Image: u7Q0v50iq.png] [Image: QaSV7FY7H.png]

Ookla Digiweb server - Prepay vs Bill Pay Broadband
[Image: 10264984393.png] [Image: 10265063949.png]

Further TestMy and Ookla tests while connected to the Hide Me VPN Irish server:

TestMy London server - Prepay vs Bill Pay Broadband
[Image: YU9jGXVwi.JWh2c-s_5.png] [Image: S7FPOr7XD.XU6fILe-4.png]

Ookla Digiweb server - Prepay vs Bill Pay Broadband
[Image: 10264988475.png] [Image: 10265070101.png]

MikroTik CA status and cell monitor with the Prepay SIM:

With the mast I'm connected to, it didn't seem to have any issue with using band 1 as a CA band with cell locking to band 20, likely due to being well outside of any coverage of any 5G enabled mast.  However, based on similar test results and traffic shaping, it's looking like the 5G booster has no effect on traffic shaping, at least not with the mast I'm connected to and possibly the same with other non-5G enabled masts.  I will keep an eye out over the coming weeks to see if I notice any other differences.
Would you say those results are just margin of error/randomness of mobile networks, between billpay and prepay? or is billpay getting slightly faster speeds on non prioritised tests? Looked that way at least Tongue

Update from three upon complaining: 

"We were working on this mast for the past few days and we received confirmation here that it was back in action yesterday. However, our engineers were alerted to a further fault on site last night so we have an open investigation on the mast at the moment. Whatever the fault, we can see it's impacting your service. I dont have an ETA at the moment but I can assure you we are aware of this and are working to get full service back to normal as soon as possible"

Do you think that they mean that?, or it'll probably stay the same  Dodgy
Great to hear an actual response from Three regarding your local mast. It's ridiculous how you couldn't have gotten that answer right when you first asked, but hopefully they quickly restore it back to the way it was.

I purchased the Huawei CPE Pro (H112-372) today, so that should arrive within a week or two. I'll post here my experience with it though it probably won't be much different from what everyone else who used it posted. I hope I won't have to return it, but even on 4G it should give me better speeds than my current setup.

Could the reason it can't establish a 5G connection be due to the lack of a configuration profile or carrier bundle? In the UK, the OnePlus 8 received a software update that enabled 5G connectivity for Three UK subscribers. Prior to this update, a OnePlus support agent said that you could only connect to 5G if you had purchased the phone directly from Three or OnePlus' website, and that buying elsewhere would not support connecting to 5G on Three's UK network. This sounds to me like they preloaded their network configuration onto the devices before selling them. You can find the OnePlus Support thread about this issue here.

It is also reassuring to see that there is no speed difference between the old and new prepay plans. My phone plan is the old €20 AYCE plan, so I will be able to compare them when I upgrade my Wi-Fi SIM to the new AYCE 5G plan. Smile
With my end, I reckon it's just the randomness of the network performance at the time of testing.  For example, when I download the 1GB test file on Vultr from the prioritised Dutch host, the speed fluctuated from ~75Mbps and ~120Mbps over the 60 seconds it took to fill the graph:


By around 10pm, that speed often drops to around 20-30Mbps here. 

Hopefully Three is correct there.  If your band 28 signal is still strong, I suggest locking to that band in the meantime, assuming you are still getting the full speeds on that band.
I had to get the vodafone dish back up and running after having no other options for my upload speed, the download speed on that is way worse than it used to be but the upload improved a little, then again maybe it's because of my old LHG 4G being better than the LHG 6 im using for vodafone atm. Getting about 30 upload with that.

I definitely found using band 28 to be the best since it's empty and still the strongest, far from the speeds I used to get but its better than nothing. In the meantime i'll refund the CPE pro unless something changes with the Arranmore mast. I think it also looks like Three were only allowing specific devices bought from them connect,? maybe that would explain all the issues I had with not being establish a 5G data connection. In a way i'm happy it didn't work because i'd be sickened the next day when the masts signal got cut in half and i'd lose it anyway  Big Grin
On a second note, the MR5200 will be coming in mid november by the looks of it, i'll probably buy that. CAT 22 LTE, does that mean it can aggregate 4 bands? and I wonder what kind of combos it can do. Would be interesting to see in comparison the the LTE 12
[Image: kPCgDTz.png]

I went from this:  (Prioritised servers)
[Image: XjCYLdp.png]

To this: 
[Image: 7ST7mf0.png]

Rather frustrating but what can you do Cry Un-prioritised stuff is much worse
You are actually very lucky with the timing.  It would be worse if it worked and this happened after the 14 day return period. 

My Netgear MR1100 which is Cat 16 can already aggregate 4 bands, although not Three's combo.  As for Cat 22, the cacombos site currently doesn't have any device with that high of category.  The Samsung S20 Ultra (CAT 20) is capable of 20+3+3+1, so there's a possibility the MR2000 may support this also.  I could ask my cat . . . Smile


Hopefully they restore the signal.  This way you would have the best of both, i.e. possibly 20+3+3+1 until Three provide 5G access to routers, assuming they don't continue to restrict phone SIMs from access 5G in a router.

I carried out a few brief peak time tests of my Three phone SIM against the Three Broadband, i.e. about 10pm Sunday evening.  This time I ran the phone tests outside in my HTC U11 phone. 

TestMy London server - Prepay vs Bill Pay Broadband:
[Image: d~pbfJZW5.png] [Image: EC4mPtVc7.png]

TestMy Colorado Springs server - Prepay vs Bill Pay Broadband
[Image: NrVymQgkB.png] [Image: MZsglutIP.png]

Test download from Vultr - Prepay (in phone):

Test download from Vultr - Bill Pay Broadband:

It looks like it has the 5G add on has little or no effect on traffic shaping here with peak time traffic either. Unlike off-peak, there's not much speed difference between what my phone picks up direct compared with what the router picks up with the LOG antennae, likely due to the bottleneck being at the backhaul to the mast. During off-peak time, my phone maxes out ~60Mbps with the signal I pick up outside compared to ~170Mbps max on the Chateau LTE12 with the LOG antennae with prioritised hosts.

Usually I spend the evening streaming, so this speed is fine for YouTube.  From a quick test at 10pm, it surprisingly streams fine even at 4K (2160p50).  However, I generally keep it set to 1080p as I don't really see much visual difference with most videos (but gobbles 4x the bandwidth), unlike going from 720p to 1080p.
Big Grin it's weird I saw a jump in performance when I initially activated the 5G thing, on top of an issue where I lost triple CA capability on some combinations ( mainly the ones I'd favour Cry ) not that it matters now, since I cannot even pick up band 1 on its own anymore. Signal is too weak. At least we know billpay vs prepay is the same. I can't even watch twitch streams that are running at about 8k bitrate anymore, they buffer a lot and my internet can't keep up. The performance drop i've gotten has been a nightmare to get used to again.

Maybe the 5G add-on only affects masts with the 5G capability like you said, I'd love to perform more extensive testing but as of right now my signal is too poor. I'm pretty sure you have better band 3 signal being more than double the distance away for your tower. Whereas mine is 14km away with line of sight. The replies I get from Three staff aren't very promising , sounds rather scripted replies/ they're just fobbing me off as much as possible by saying there is still on going works when there probably isn't. I wish there was a way to speak to the people working on the mast so you'd at least get a better answer/be able to provide my own point of view of what I saw. Revert the changes/make the same ones that were made back to how it was when they installed the upgrades few months back. Something like that.

Youtube also streams really nice for me too, I can watch 4k without any issues, I usually watch in 1440p where available to match my monitors native res. It looks pretty nice.
ok my Huawei cpe pro h112-372 arrived today. Nice unit  & looks real!! ? put it in my window 1st where my b525 was & signal improved by 2-4dbi & speed went from 12 to 18mbps. moved it around a bit & picked up a new mast id I hadnt seen before. 

lteinspecteur doesnt work with it so I cant select specific bands to test out but when i put it on auto & turned on both nsa & sa speed jumped to between 25-33. moved it to another window where speeds are better during the day & was getting around 40. interestingly it is showing 4 bars of 4g & 4 bars of 5g!! here it is aimed at a distant mast 15kms+ away.

moved it to the attic & hooked up it up to the xpol 2 5g antenna which is aimed at a three mast 3kms away, which I know has recently been upgraded & its showing 4 bars of 5g also. In nsa only mode I'm getting 25mbps but when I enable nsa & sa it goes up to 40mbps. I dont know if its picking up the mast 3kms away as the mast id is the same one I'm getting aimed at the distant mast & they are in opposite directions.

Without lteinspecteur it's hard to play around. I tried huactrl app but it doesn't work. is there anyway to select specific bands on the cpe pro? I've googled but got no where.

Do you think it will aggregate 3 bands together by leaving it on auto?

I think it's some coincidence that the 5g signal exactly matches the 4g signal btw.

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If that's the speed you're getting from a 5G-enabled mast 3km away with an external antenna, I'd strongly question something there. I doubt it's running over a 5G connection. Is there any statistics page or app that can show more information about the connection? I haven't seen anybody else succeed in connecting to 5G on a router on Three so I have a feeling that that's just running on 4G. Even for 4G that's fairly slow, perhaps it is connected to the mast that's farther away.

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