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5G routers, antennae and testing
That's great they got stock and also a good indication that other stores should have stock again.  Just make sure everything is intact when it arrives in case it was a customer return as an unwanted product.  For example, I got my current PC monitor from Amazon (sold by Amazon, not a warehouse item) and it clearly was opened before as there was one cable missing (which I didn't need) and the cable tie on another clearly retied.  As the monitor worked fine and had no blemishes or damage, I decided not to complain.

I noticed that Novatel no longer have the LPDA's on their website, unless they've since sold out or had other customer issues with them.  They now just list the shorter plastic enclosed LOGs, like the original LOGs you were using.

Three's coverage maps are mostly computer generated and a rough guide at best.  For example, it shows I have outdoor 3G coverage and no 4G coverage (stops ~0.5km from the house).  The reality is, I have outdoor 4G coverage on my phone (3 bar signal) no outdoor 3G coverage!  If I try dialling a number outside, it will fail as my phone can't switch to 3G mode.  If I set my phone's Network Mode to "3G only", it says "No service". Big Grin    The only way I can use my phone for SMS/calls is with a repeater and a 1.8m long 900MHz Yagi antenna.  Even the panel antenna supplied with the StellaDoradus repeater couldn't get me a usable signal (apart from with Eir and Vodafone).

If your current SIM is a prepay phone SIM, you can purchase a €5 booster for 5G.  I think it's only available on Three's newer €20 top-up plan.  If you are on the older plan, you can switch in My3.  Basically you would need to top-up by €25 every 28 days, where the additional €5 covers the 5G booster add-on. 

Going by the cacombos website, it does look like the router can aggregate 4G+5G, at least the H112-370.  E.g. for the 3_n78 combo, it mentions 4+4 (8) under streams, i.e. up to 4x4 MIMO on band 3 aggregated with 4x4 MIMO on 5G band 78 to give the (8) total streams.  I'm not sure about the uplink however, i.e. whether the 3_n78 means that it uploads over one or the other or whether it can aggregate both.

Speaking of gaming PCs, your next build could be AMD Zen 3 based: Cool
Yeah, was waiting for their showcase to premiere at 6pm that day , I am unsure whether to finally just go and move over to  AMD or hang on for Intel's 11th gen rocket lake in first quarter of 2021, (if they finally ditch the 14 nano meter process which they've milked for years)   now that AMD have a 16 core CPU with up to 4.9 Ghz boost clock. If it's possible to get a stable overclock  on that 5950X to 5 Ghz on all cores ... Would be mental. My 9900k only has 8 cores @ 5.0 Ghz. It's nice that AMD finally take the crown off Intel for single threaded performance now too, they already beat them in multi core performance in the last few years. So the competition might make Intel finally move to a  new lithography process. They have RDNA 2 GPU release upcoming as well at the end of the month so its exciting year for tech stuff. I will probably shunt mod the 3090 when I get it too,  to remove the power draw limitations and squeeze everything I can out of it. Thats Going to increase the power draw from 390 ish to around 550W on the GPU alone Big Grin Might be able to get a stable 2100 Mhz clock then. 

Too bad they are traffic shaping, I wonder will 5G benefit from these prioritised servers if I get the signal. I really hope I do, this would be a huge upgrade in speeds.(Hopefully latency too) My B525 is starting to give up on me I think , it's been unable to carrier aggregate band 3+1 anymore lately either, idk whats going on with it, sometimes it just stops working  randomly even though the LHG is working fine. I hope the new h112-372 5G router is able to take advantage of the 3+3+1 bands too. You'd think Three would be aware that their routers need intra-band non-contiguous ca to get the maximum potential out of their network though I suppose aggregating two bands is probably enough for most people. 

Will there be any further installations of 5G like closer than arranmore/ do Three plan to do anything else / any other ISPs deploying 5G in the upcoming months? I have no idea about anything else... I'd imagine eir and vodafone will want to deploy 5G too?  would be interested in testing everything that might become available. So any  information you have/get on that would be nice  Tongue

I guess my 4G speeds  band (3+3+1) here using the LTE12 Router - are indicative of a backhaul upgade for 5G? Insane speeds consistently, even peaked over 300 Mbps  Cool  

[Image: iq0ckyx.png]

[Image: MuOtNGG.png]

Edit: Another update, Upon messing around in cell monitor trying to find imagines LTE signal -  for some reason it only shows the bands I am connected to, it wont even list Band 20 when searching,  I tried checking and unchecking all the bands too then performing the search but same kind of thing. Like this:
[Image: Beuoskp.png]
In my testing though, I made another nice discovery Big Grin remember the last time you told me to check B28 and it didn't show up... They must've added it recently when adding the 5G to the site (I guess). I definitely think I have the cell to myself too... Though, I dont think I can triple CA with this band, Tried 3+1+28 and it'll just aggregate the B1+B3. I also tried 3+28 and it'll just aggregate the two band 3 cells. Frustrating because it gets 70 Down on its own and 20-30 up. Would be nice to set it as the primary uplink since it seems empty. Thats the record for SINR that I've seen so far.. It shows up as B31 in cell monitor too for some reason. So far these combos dont work - 28+20 , 28+3 |||| 28 + 1 Works though  

[Image: 7AwuVbH.png]
For the B525, it's worth trying a factory reset.  Based on being able to telnet into mine, it runs a cut down version of Linux (can't remember the build), so a factory reset may clear out enough clutter to clear the issues.  With Eir and Vodafone providing the newer Huawei B818 on 4G broadband plans, I'm very surprised that Three decided to go with the Huawei B535 instead.  With the network provider's supplied routers, this technically gives a speed advantage to Eir and Vodafone as both are using the temporary spectrum on 4G bands 1 and 28, which means the B818 can potentially connect in 1+3+20 or 1+3+28, whereas Three's B535 can still only aggregate two. 

From looking at the specs of several other 5G routers, those that show 5G speeds for SA and NSA modes give higher download and upload figures for NSA mode.  This effectively confirms that NSA mode can aggregate both the downlink and uplink bands.  I originally thought that 5G NSA mode could only upload on 4G as that's what all the news articles mention.  This also means that the >100Mbs upload speed I saw earlier likely was still NSA, but aggregating 4G+5G for the upload. 

Three certainly caught me by surprise with its 5G coverage and they seem to be expanding as I saw a larger area around Letterkenny coloured in purple for 5G a few days after they launched 5G.  Like AMD's launch, I'm sure Three also caught out Vodafone and Eir by surprise.  Serves them right too for their stingy 5G tariffs. Big Grin  Going by Nperf's mapping which collects 5G reception data from user handsets running the Nperf App, Vodafone and Eir have a lot of catching up to do! 


Map sources:

Notice Three has a lot more 4G+ coverage (dark red).  Both Vodafone and Eir mainly rely on band 20 for its rural coverage.  With not many 5G phones on the market and people having to purchase a 5G plan (plus have the Nperf App running), the 5G coverage is likely a lot greater.  

Those test results you got sure are incredibly fast speeds for 4G even if with the prioritised test server.  I never seen a >300Mbps test result over Three 4G with any speed tester, never mind TestMy.  Cool   It does make me wonder also if Three is deliberately traffic shaping to make its 5G performance stand out.  I sure look forward to seeing your 5G testing as so far all the speed tests I've seen were with the Ookla or Fast Apps.  I'm still using the Hide Me VPN here whenever I need to download something large as the traffic shaping here makes a 10x difference between downloading direct vs over the VPN, e.g. 1MB/s vs 10MB/s.  TestMy with the UK or German servers rarely gets above 20Mbps directly.

For example, the following is a test with the TestMy UK server and repeated with the Hide Me VPN connected (OpenVPN TCP protocol) around 4pm:

[Image: qMEDQzEeE.png] [Image: jl0hGBjQg.png]

I recently received an invite to the Cloudflare's WARP+ beta for the PC.  However, it's now slower than without connecting.  I haven't seen WARP+ perform better since before that day you saw it deprioritised.  The following is over Cloudflare WARP+ with their official beta App:

[Image: A267-5Cks.png]

I just saw your band 28 result as I was about to post.  Those test figures definitely suggest you had that band all to yourself as 75Mbps down and 25Mbps up are the theoretical limit on band 28, assuming QAM64 coding down and QAM16 coding up.  I'm surprised they don't have it enabled for carrier aggregation as I have seen band 28 aggregated with band 1 at my brother's house a while back.  I must have another check here later to see if it's live yet. As you've noticed, the cell-monitor generally only shows neighbouring cells for the EARFCN's it's connected on. To see the others, you would need to deselect every band it's connected on, which will force it to search/connect on another. If you select bands 42 and 43 only (I think only your LHG LTE4 dish supports them), you might see it show Imagine's LTE cell IDs.

As for your upcoming GPU, 550W sure is a lot of power.  Combine that with the CPU and and the additional heat from the CPU and you probably won't need to run the central heating. Smile  I'm sure glad to see AMD catch up as it finally killed Intel's stagnant high CPU prices also.  For example, my current HP PC with the i7700K cost €1276 in June 2017 from the German site Computer Universe.  When I priced up the same spec in June 2018, I think it was about €40 more!  With AMD getting ready to move to 5nm, my only concern with AMD is they could start hiking the prices knowing that Intel has a lot of catching up to do.  Again, it's like Vodafone and Eir lagging behind on 5G upgrades and suddenly Three 5G leapfrogs them at launch. Tongue
I need to get that hideme vpn setup, I can see the difference is huge, I could use it for downloading stuff that doesn't get prioritised. Funnily enough a lot of servers for updating games I play are generally prioritised. Like + epicgames launcher, steam as well. But things like ookla speedtest are quite heavily bound by traffic shaping. I wonder why they'd do that even, whitelisting would be in their interest wouldnt it Big Grin Is there a monthly plan for that vpn so I don't pay all at once like I accidentally did the first time? It's also a shame WARP+ no longer works, probably my fault when I was testing it so much Big Grin And as for pricing , 5950X is 799$ and the 5900X is valued at 549$ , as long as it keeps pressure on intel, I dont think i'd mind as long as it doesn't get too much.

So Three's 5G operates in NSA mode (that's good news I guess?)  What would the benefit be in running 5G in SA mode if it's not making use of the 4G infrastructure?
And good point about the phones I never really thought about that, probably explains the lack of 5G tests in the arranmore vicinity. Most people just haven't upgraded their phone yet + happened to do a speedtest on nperf.

I read more into the n78 band about its propagation and stuff to know what to expect , apparently to make up for the attenuation of the higher freuquencies like n78 , they use something called beam forming and massive MIMO antenna that is suppose to be similar to band 3. I'll quote a little piece here.

"Addressing some of the technical challenges of 3.5 GHz
Compared to lower frequency bands such as 1.8 GHz, 3.5 GHz presents some coverage challenges, as higher frequencies lead to lower signal propagation. This can be compensated for by using massive MIMO antennas, which can provide higher beamforming gain compared to typical passive antennas at 1.8 GHz because 5G coverage is uplink limited.
It is important to note that 5G networks using 3.5 GHz employ Time Division Duplex (TDD), in contrast to most 4G networks globally that use Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) technology.  TDD inherently brings new requirements for deployments. Chief among these are network synchronization and inter-operator coordination, to mitigate interference between TDD operators and achieve efficient use of spectrum."

And for band 28 , It will work in 4G+ with 1+28 like you said. It just has no way of making use of that triple carrier aggregation , at least on the chateau Cry
But it's definitely the best SINR/RSRQ wise ive seen yet , empty. Exciting to find all this new stuff.
The cell monitor says not supported on my LHG 4G one for some reason , unsure why, and I dont think the bands are supported on LTE12, kind of frustrating. 

Vodafone and Eir seem to basically only be covering cities and towns? At least from what I can see on the maps I dont think theres anything local to me. I assume they are all using N78 just on a different frequency intra band ?

I just installed the 5G antenna today as well in preparation for router coming on monday/tuesday. I actually managed to make the 10M cable reach into the window as well without having to connect to the SMA extension outside, so that should save me some signal loss? 

Edit: I tested the 5G antenna, only gets about -105 RSRP on band 3 and on band 1 it's like -116RSRP , on band 20 and 28 its about -120 RSRP. 
If 5G is NSA would it be better to have my superior LPDA92 and the superior 5G antenna cable attached at the same time? 
Was only getting around 30 ish download using the 5G antenna , but I suppose its not designed for these bands.  It does say "3.4-3.8 Ghz Panel antenna" 

It's funny to see it says im the number one ranked on for Three's average speed :

Also timing but they seem to have enabled CA on the band 28 cell now too, I am able to use it as the primary uplink with B3+B1  Cool   Only issue is like you said it maxes itself out on and I get consistent 74.6 Mbps results.  I wonder is there a way to get it as the CA band instead of the primary.

[Image: yKMpiDE.png]

Its starting to look like I have my own cell tower at this stage Big Grin

[Image: 5mKjeA7.jpg]
The HideMe VPN has a 1 month plan, although quite expensive at €12.99.  However, with Black Friday Friday coming up, I suggest getting the 1 month plan and cancel before the month is up.  If it works well for you, wait until their Black Friday special, assuming they do one.  I originally paid €95 for 3 years (a different offer at the time), which is a less than what they are currently charging for 1 year:

I have observed both Three and Vodafone prioritising Ookla back in 2015/2016, ... until I posted about this on another site.  Tongue They were not prioritising the Speedtest specifically, but the TCP port the Ookla test uses, port 8080.  At that time, web pages such as RTE News, Amazon, etc. took something like 10 seconds per page to open compared to 1-2 seconds on my former DSL connection.  Ookla's Speedest was giving me 20Mbps test results on Three 4G compard to 4Mbps on my DSL connection, which didn't make sense given how painfully slow the 4G connection was for anything but the speed test. 

At that time around January 2016, TestMy was giving me around 1Mbps on Three 4G, so I asked their Admin (CA3LE) to do me a favour and give me access to TestMy on port 8080.  When he gave me a link, sure enough TestMy flew over port 8080, giving similar test results to Ookla.  I posted my findings on a Myce article and someone from Ookla got in touch with the site to say they could not find any evidence of this.  Not long afterwards (a few weeks if I recall right), the port-based prioritisation stopped (so somebody obviously cleared that port tweak Wink ) and Three later started traffic shaping by hosts.  YouTube was the first site they seemed to prioritise as I noticed many popular videos could play 1080p without a glitch, but less common videos still struggled to play even at 480p.  

However, speaking of Nperf, their speed test is getting the fast lane, giving similar results to TestMy's Colorado Springs server most of the time.  It affects their "OneProvider" test servers:

[Image: 10232410671.png]     

TestMy London vs Colorado Springs at this time of posting, for comparison:

[Image: FR8syt54a.png] [Image: v~N90rIlk.png]

All three operators are indeed using different frequencies within band 78.  Three has 100MHz of 5G spectrum nationwide.  In the main urban areas, Vodafone has 105MHz and Eir has 85MHz of 5G spectrum.  Throughout the rest of Ireland, Vodafone has 85MHz and Eir has 80MHz of 5G spectrum:

That's good getting even -105dBm on the 5G antenna on band 3.  This means it should have no problem aggregating band 3 and 5G band 78 together for NSA mode.  I wouldn't be too concerned about the other bands as the main important thing is getting a good signal on 5G as most of your downlink will be carried over its 100MHz of bandwidth. Cool 

As for your Band 28+3+1 using band 28 for the primary, I wonder if Three is doing this deliberately.  As it's currently being made available for the pandemic, it's possible they want to limit it to those that are unable to pick up bands 1 or 3 as the primary band.  Thinking back to when I was picking up band 28 on my phone while in Letterkenny, I don't recall my phone using it as a CA band either at any time, unlike band 20. I did another check here while I was on my own, but still no sign of band 28 here yet apart from on the Eir network.

That sure is an impressive number of antennae on the mast, almost like an alien with a light saber. Big Grin
I just watched that video on arranmore to see if they said anything about their network 

So arranmore appears to be connected to the mainland by a microwave link? But their physical cell tower is on the Island too. Probably because its higher up?  So they must need more of those because the speeds they mention in the video is 100Mbps.  

If you look at 3:15 one of the Three employee's had nperf open on their phone. 

I wish they'd make a video on their equipment and how they set them up and stuff, would be interesting to watch.. cant find much videos like that. I guess I'm lucky that they've got a good focus on equipping arranmore since it'll benefit me too Big Grin 

I'll trial after dinner and try it out, will be handy to have to download stuff that wont get prioritised  Cool 

I wonder will vodafone or Eir deploy anything nearby or will it be towns only, I wonder if they'll add any 5G to dugloe, I don't get direct line of sight but its not far off, I was getting better band 3 signal from dungloe when I was using vodafone. Since it's only 6-7 KM away as opposed to arranmore being 15Km away. So maybe even a field setup for dungloe would work if there is any PoE routers that support 5G in the future.
Unfortunately, at least with the LTE12, paying + enabling the 5G add on does something to the way you connect to the cell tower ... As soon as I enabled it, I was no longer able to triple carrier aggregate using band 3 the primary uplink...B1 B20 and B28 seems to work fine as the primary uplink but... both band 3 cells no longer remain connected if you try cell lock them as the primary will instantly connect and disconnect repeatedly and won't stop in a loop (sounds similar to your issue in the past). "link up link down" But if I clear the lock with the command or lock it to band 1 , it is fine, and it will triple aggregate that way, unfortunately, its not the fastest way as having the ex-o2 1275 EARFCN band 3 cell as the primary uplink always tended to be the best. I was always using band 3 as my uplink and the router would even choose that itself by default... soon as the 5G add on enabled/changed my plan from 3Pay to 3 prepay 20 to be able to add the thing in first place. Wonder what changed  Huh

I tried fully resetting the router/ and that would just do the same thing clearing the cell lock did, it'll use band 1 as the uplink now always. Speeds seemed to have improved (I already had the idea in my head that adding the 5G add on might do something different so I did some speedtests beforehand)  , at least going by the tests I ran beforehand with band 1 as primary.  120-130 Mbps on  nperf with band 1+3+3 (B1 primary) and now after the 5G add on was enabled: I am getting this kind of result.

On a sidenote, when monitoring signal, the signal improves -99 RSRP on band 1 when I use the connection/ load anything, if I let it idle for a few seconds, the connections RSRP will drop to -105. Is this a new thing? or is that how it always worked?

[Image: 3281939968940072-jQejHkM5.png]   [Image: 3281944657648041-Cmb3hhV9.png]

Any idea what would have changed when enabling the 5G add on? The chances of it being a coincidence are quite slim i'd say Big Grin , as soon as I had the 5G add on enabled, no longer able to use band 3 as my uplink. I'll record a video to show what I mean.
All I know about the 5G add-on is that it's supposed to enable 5G access. Smile 

I am not sure why it will not allow using band 3 has the uplink.  My guess is maybe Three is currently testing 5G with bands 1, 20 and 28 for NSA 5G and leaving band 3 as 4G only as a control. 

That is also interesting how your speed shot up.  I wonder if the traffic shaping is different with the 5G add-on. . . Wink 

When my current Three plan comes up for renewal this weekend, I will try switching to the new plan and buying a 5G add-on to test also.  While I don't have a 5G router or phone, I am curious to see if there is any change in traffic shaping on my end especially with a 10x speed difference between regular and prioritised traffic.  I am planning on switching my phone to the 48 network later, so don't really care about losing the old €20 top-up plan.
I can confirm they are still traffic shaping on 4G , but the prioritised server speeds have increased which is weird (usually i'd only get these kind of 200-300 Mbps speeds off-peak, but i'm getting them in the day now too), I just did an ookla speedtest then began a download on to prove it is still a thing, insane difference Big Grin The download even climbed to 36 MB/s 

[Image: R8pYvlN.png]

[Image: k8bClbH.png]

On a sidenote, when monitoring signal, the signal improves -99 RSRP on band 1 when I use the connection/ load anything, if I let it idle for a few seconds, the connections RSRP will drop to -105. Is this a new thing? or is that how it always worked? 
Maybe they're not going to traffic shape on 5G , so it can show off its true performance

Upon further testing , the primary uplink actually ONLY works on Band 1 , for some reason... Not sure why, It will work in 3+3 on its own, but ever since I've enabled that 5G, at least on the LTE 12 it seems to persist now. I really have no idea as to why that would even happen? I assume the way it connects to the cell is changed when the 5G add on is enabled. 

So far , here are that combos that will work on LTE12 after the 5G add-on : First digit in each bracket is the primary band
(3+3) (3+3+20) (1+28) (1+3+3) (1+20)   

And the aggregation that won't work: 
(20+1) (3+3+1) (3+3+20) (3+1+20) 

Basically anything with band 20 or band 3 now as the primary uplink will not work for triple CA or even dual CA in some cases.
Maybe that's something to do with the 5G tech when the add-on is enabled? The router is due to arrive tmoro, extremely eager to test and really hope I pick up the 3.5 Ghz signal.
At least from what I can read, it sounds promising in regards to coverage, saying that the massive MIMO and beamforming + beam tracking make up for the attenuation of the higher frequencies. I am skeptical though  Dodgy

In the logs you can see theres some error like "network advertises higher MTU 1900". Not sure why that is/what it entails. 
I recorded this video to show me swapping bands/trying to set them as the primary so you can see what happens. The LTE link just goes up and down in a loop, It only seems to work with B1 as the primary. The rest just won't work for triple CA anymore. 3G works fine.
Never had any issue whatsoever until I added the 5G plan. So something definitely changed im just not sure what or why exactly. 

Video:   ->
The network sure is insistent on using band 1 there. It would be worth try selecting bands 3, 20 and 28 (leave '1' deselected) to see whether it still connects in 3+3+20 or 3+3+28. Going by the data sheet, the Chateau LTE12 supports 3+3+28, but the network needs to support this CA combo also.

I get that "network advertises higher MTU 1900" message also. The modem however only supports a maximum MTU of 1500, which is what most home routers use, even on fibre connections.
Yeah it'll connect with B28 as the primary (B28+B3) using the EARFCN 1700 cell , and if I select 3+28+20 , it'll automatically go to (3+3+20) which works, but band 20 will not work if it set to the primary. It seems to be something to do with certain combos using a set primary link, There are  issues so far with B3 + B20 and B28 if they are the uplink, but  but only in a certain combination like 3+3+1 for example.  Whereas Band 1 is mostly fine as the uplink band. It's a strange one, probably something to do with 5G and its integration with 4G? Maybe it only becomes apparent when you activate 5G add on. idk Tongue 

Band 3+3+28 does not work sadly, it'll try go into 3+3 only. It'll only do 28+3 with a single band 3 cell. It's a shame cuz that band 28 cell is pure empty -6 RSRQ and maxing its speed out.

It's like whatever happened when the 5G add on is enabled, it somehow created issues with the otherwise flawless triple CA I had beforehand. What would even cause that Cry
I found a video on youtube about band selection for the CPE pro  , no idea what they're saying/what language but Hmanager/Huawei manager had some options for selecting 5G SA / 5G NSA mode, and selecting 4G bands as well. So I downloaded that for tomorrow too. Coverage seems to stretch past my house and miles behind, hopefully that means theres plenty of signal in this direction, even though im technically not on the coverage map at all for 4G or 5G. Not even outdoor, completely blank.

I also came across another setting that helped stabilize my signal, if you didn't happen to know about it, if you go to system - routerboard, - modem, you can set the antennas to external , the diversity antenna was choosing to be internal, so changing both to external improved my stability alot. The RSRP is no longer fluctuating and the SINR is way more consistent.
That graph would usually not be green so often, and there would be a lot brown colored spots because the SINR would just dip to 10 or somewhere around there

[Image: TNfd5gp.png]

Some additional info I found on Ericssons website was: 

Commercially launched on September 28, 2020 in all cities and every geographic county in Ireland
Deployed on 3.7GHz and 1800MHz, the network is powered by Ericsson 4G and 5G RAN and Core  (not sure what they mean by "and 1800 Mhz"?)
Subscribers are seeing speeds greater than 1 Gbps with the 5G service

One more thing I was wondering, Would using for example LPDA +  5G antenna together/ certain port , work better for NSA mode, or is it better to use the dual cable from the same antenna?
Hi Folks

From reading the comments it seems that you were able to activate the Chateau LTE12 for 5G,  is that correct,  I would love to know how you did that.  Could you let me know ?

Many thanks

Unfortunately the LTE12 can't do 5G, I was just talking about how enabling the 5G add on through three's plans caused some problems for me on 4G. I ordered a Huawei CPE Pro (h112-372) it's meant to come sometime today , this router can support 5G , it does say "out for delivery" so if I get it i'll post my testing / whether I pick up 5G or not. The speeds I get are all done on 4G so far.
briliant thread Guys, I have the Huawei H312 in the post also. I will post results also. I just figured out the 5G add on bit there before you replied Smile

I got the router, I went to go set it up , and OF COURSE I need a nano-sim , my one only goes down to micro sim at the least. So i'll have to try get one today.
Will update this post later when/if I actually get to test it.
Managed to get a sim, I cannot get even close to the 4G figures I had with my LOG's on the B525 or LTE12, they're lacking a lot , like reading -123 on band 1 and -113 on band 3 and 20 , idk what is wrong, is those little ts9 adapters giving huge cable loss or something?
Something doesn't seem quite right there - I get roughly the same RSRP on my NetGear MR1100 with the TS9 adapters as connecting the cables directly into the Chateau LTE12.

See if there is a menu option to choose an external antenna. On the Huawei B525, it's in Settings -> System (left menu) -> Antenna Settings. However, it's likely in a another location on the 5G CPE as I think its menu layout is different.
Yeah I have external antenna set, it essentially does no signal improvement or very little, I currently have better signal with it sitting on the window , tried the 5G antenna too which basically gave no service or barely any on 4G. It's like the external antenna aren't actually enabling or are just not working for some reason?

[Image: k5bwt8J.jpg]

This is with it on the window, Plugged one of the LPDA92 using the ts9 connector into the port one and it does nothing basically.

Do you know of any other apps I can use to monitor bands/signal/change bands, cuz this one isn't so good

This page also saying similar problem.
I tried searching around for any suggestions and the antenna ports should be plug and play by default. Initially I wondered if they were for 5G only, but the following video shows a speed test with and without the antenna, in this case the Huawei AF93. Pity they don't show the signal readings:

The huaCtrl Pro App is the only one I'm aware of, but costs €10. The free version doesn't support the H122 series.

Oddly, I came across the following video showing how to attach an external antenna to the internal antenna ports on a H122-372 using a mod kit. The video is not in English, so I'm not sure why they are doing this unless it's to attach a 4x4 MIMO antenna:

Best of luck getting it working. Having only seen video clips of the router in action, I'm not sure what else to try other than swap the two TS9 connectors around. If the weather is good there, you can try taking it outside to see whether it is able to pick up 5G. Otherwise in the worst case scenario that you need to return it, you'll know whether Three's outdoor CPE Pro Win model will connect when they finally launch their 5G broadband plans.
I'll bring it outside and see if I can do anything with it now before its dark, I found an app that is in chinese but it can select NR/NSA/SA mode and some other stuff, i'll post a link to it later or if I find an english version, I guess this router just doesn't work with external antennas on 5G for some reason. It shouldn't be the TS9 connectors right?
No idea why the signal won't work it, Was excited to try it Cry basically no improvement at all with the external antennae on 4G even.

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