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Vodafone LTE router network unlock
Just recently heard back from Vodafone rejecting a request for a network unlock code for a B528 that came with a contract (the 300GB one). They said that they only provide unlock for voice plans. I was surprised by this as had similar devices unlocked by three and eir in the past. Would anyone know if there is another avenue to request this from them or if they have any obligation to unlock it through the course of the contract?
Unfortunately, the network operators are only required to unlock handsets. I have heard mixed reports that Three and Eir no longer provide network unlock codes.

I am not aware of any free method for unlocking the B528, although it's worth searching the likes of YouTube to see if there are any guides. The other option is to try purchasing an unlock code. The unlocking sites appear to charge around €40 for this router.
Thanks for the info. Hadn't realised the operators were refusing them now. Luckily held on to b315 that was unlocked already.

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