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Forum registration notes
I recently changed the forum's MyBB e-mail configuration to SMTP as the forum's PHP mailer often led to e-mails being treated as spam, especially Gmail.  For anyone that tried registering, but did not receive a verification e-mail, try logging in.  I have manually activated all accounts awaiting e-mail confirmation that were not created with a VPN.  

If you register and do not receive an activation e-mail, try coming back later or the next day.  I get a notification whenever a new account is created and I will activate any that are not flagged as suspicious, i.e. created with a privacy VPN, proxy or Blacklist.  I do not block the use of VPNs, but am generally more cautious as so far every spam post I've dealt with on the Myce and TestMy forums were posted over a VPN or a proxy.

Private Message support is disabled on newly registered accounts to prevent PM spam. The forum automatically enables PM on accounts that are active over a few days and have some posts.

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