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Mikro Tik

Did test at friends house with Poynting XPOL2 and Chateau, 2 masts 5km away, one north , other south, left bands on default at first, thinking it would pick best ones

first screen no band selected, B20 only, 3Mbps
2nd selected B3+20, 26 Mb
3rd screen selected B3, 50 Mb 
all facing north

Find it very difficult to get the same speeds second time if aerial move a few metres pointing in same direction. Mounted on 2m pole. 

What do people think is sufficent speed? At home on 20Mb, I was able to stream video on 5 devices.
Above were taken 4pm, reckon speeds half in evening. Friend has 5 teenagers so if installing for him and €350 for equipment I want it to be ok. Reckon want 50 MBps by day to be comfortable. These were all on 3 as hadn't known needed apns for vodaf and eir, all are on same mast location so will retest again.
I don't want to use the temporary bands as will be gone in April. 
All opinions and comments welcome.
Based on the three signal screenshots and your speed tests, I suggest selecting band 3 only as even though the signal (RSRP) is much weaker, the signal quality (RSRQs and SINR readings) are a lot better than the band 20 readings in the first screenshot.

If you can pick up the Wi-Fi from the MikroTik router on your phone while outside at the antenna, you can use the MikroTik's phone App to see the signal reading as you adjust the antenna. Basically, you want to get the SINR as positive as you can, like the value above 10 in the third screenshot.
Ok, thanks Sean.

What is the best procedure for setting up an aerial in a new location from scratch?

Router outside, aerial on or off?
SINR with all bands or one by one?
Rotating aerial?
Speed test?
(30/10/2020, 01:50 PM)Patrick Wrote: What is the best procedure for setting up an aerial in a new location from scratch?
Router outside, aerial on or off?
Rotating aerial?
I already answered these midway down this post.

For the SINR, try getting it as high as possible on band #3 as this band is more sensitive to having accurate alignment than the lower frequency bands 20 and 28. Once you have it aligned for band 3, it will also be aligned for any other bands that same mast operates on.

For the speed tests, perform them after you finish setting up the antenna. They are not reliable when making antenna adjustments (apart from comparing masts in different directions) as the speed can also fluctuate up and down depending on the traffic load at the time of testing.
Just wondering how to see data used in the Chateau?

Can it be accessed remotely?

When all three companies share a mast would you expect similar signal readings and speeds from the one place?

MikroTik's routers including the Chateau only keep a log of data usage for the current session. You can view this usage and a traffic graph by going into Interfaces -> LTE -> Traffic tab. There is a StackExchange discussion on using SNMP with a server to log usage over time, but is overkill for a home environment and not something I have used or tried.

With Three phasing out public IP addresses, the only easy way to remote access is through a computer running remote desktop. With Windows 10, this is straight forward enough if there's someone there willing to allow remote access to their PC for a moment to access their router. Ask them to click "Start", type the letter 'Q' and click 'Quick Assist'. You do the same on your PC, log in with your Microsoft (or Hotmail) account and click "Assist another person". Give that person the 6 digit code to type in the "Code from assistant" field on their screen, then take full control. Once their screen appears, you can access the MikroTik web interface from on a remote desktop browser.

The signal readings between mobile operators can vary depending on how they placed their antennae sectors on the mast, the type of antennae (omni-directional, 90°, 120°, etc. sectors) and the power level.
Found this site to show line of sight between two points, interesting. Obviously there are lots of variables, I wonder is there a certain height of hill where there is no hope of a signal. Got this reading at above location using a panel antenna. Poor to no indoor signal in this area.

Was doing a test at a friends house, was getting up to 50-80Mbps, had aerial fixed on TV aerial pole, when I disconnected and brought router indoors, I only got 20Mbps. I couldn't fix it or see what the problem was. I didn't note the readings. 

Only learnt correct way to read cell ids after this, is it good practice to lock onto the strongest cell? Can you lock onto a cell without locking onto a band?

When brought gear home and connected up it connected to 3G signal, only stopped when unticked 3G. This never before happened at home as there is a strong 4G signal. Using Chateau and directional panel.
The router automatically picks the strongest cell on a band for the primary upload cell. The only time I would use cell lock is when multiple bands are picked and you want to force the router to use a particular band for uploading. For example, if bands 1 and 3 ticked and band 3 has a faster upload speed, then it's worth locking to the strongest cell on band 3. However, this generally does not affect the download speed.

If the router was not band locked above, it probably switched bands between testing outside and inside. It could also have connected in 3G mode as 20Mbps is well within 3G's capability. The top speed I've seen on 3G is around 40Mbps. The speed usually also drops towards 6pm as more people go online to start streaming.

I generally recommend leaving 3G unticked as the router can switch to 3G if the 4G connection is interrupted or if there is a brief outage.

For obstructions in the line of sight, it depends a lot on the signal frequency and where the obstructions are. With the 800MHz 4G band and the 900MHz 3G band, those signals diffract better around obstacles, particularly if they are near the midway point like above. The higher frequency bands (1 and 3) are much more sensitive and the signal will sharply drop off the higher the obstruction. Basically, try to get the antenna as high has practically possible outside to minimise how much the signal needs to diffract.
Thanks Sean, in relation to when speed dropped to 20 with router inside, I checked my notes, I started on band 3, then 20, then 3+20 then no band selected. I was getting between 50-80 in all directions with the exception of band 20 which gave 6Mbps. SINR was 10-18. Inside it did stay on 4G as I remember seeing SINR, but unfortunatly I didn't record any info. I left bands unselected.  It was 4pm with few minutes between tests. It was very disappointing and I was hoping to find out what caused it so it wouldn't happen again. Possible there was a sudden big load on the mast?
Hi guys, first time posting here and don't want to hijack the thread by any means but I'm looking for a little help with a mikrotik sxt lte kit. I have it powered up and the router connects to the mobile tower ok but I do not get any internet traffic, nor can I ping out to the web. Tried a 48 sim and an eir mobile sim. Would really appreciate a little help here and if preferred can start a new thread.

Many thanks in advance...

PS guys if you get locked out of the router on its default ip address ( such as if bridge mode selected) you can connect to them by MAC address if you use winbox.. will save having to factory default it.
It's quite likely the APN or SIM # is not set or it's using the network APN (which can fail). Sometimes switching SIMs will also cause it to cling on to the previously assigned IP address, so the first few steps cover clearing it.

Try these steps in Winbox:
  1. In Winbox, in the left menu, go into IP -> Addresses
  2. If there are any IP addresses with 'D' next to it, click it, then click '-' to remove it.
  3. Go into Interfaces in the left menu.
  4. Enlarge the Interface List window to see all the tabs.
  5. Go into the LTE tab.
  6. Click 'LTE APNs'.
  7. Double-click the default one shown.
  8. Clear the checkbox 'Use Network APN'.
  9. Put the following in the 'APN:' field:
    For Eir phone SIM:
    For 48 phone SIM:
  10. Click 'OK'.
  11. If you removed the SIM pin using a phone, skip the next steps.
  12. Go into the 'Interface' tab, then double-click the LTE entry.
  13. Go into the General tab.
  14. Type the SIM's PIN # is in the PIN field and click 'OK'.

That's a good tip about getting locked out. Smile The web interface Quick Set page has a bug where it sometimes automatically enables bridge mode, so if I don't notice this and make a change on the Quick Set menu, it ends up in bridge mode. Indeed the first few times this happened I thought the router bricked itself, so ended up factory resetting until I noticed the bridge field randomly getting ticked. Winbox and the Android App are not affected.
Hi Sean and thanks for your reply, Will try those steps now and report back asap..

ok tried what you suggested Sean but I have a slightly different set of options when I go into

"Double-click the default one shown.
Clear the checkbox 'Use Network APN'." - use network APN is not showing, all I see in there that are checkboxes are Use peer DNS and add default route, both of which are ticked.

I tried upgrading routerOS but when I connect the sxt to ethernet port on laptop it kills internet access on the wireless card so cant upgrade. I HAVE DOWNLOADED THE routerOS file from the web but not sure how to manually update it.

Any other tips I could try?..

I haven't done a manual upgrade before, but going by their Wiki, it looks like you just need to go into the Files section in Winbox, drag & drop the file in the file list root menu and reboot the router, i.e. System -> Reboot:

The latest firmware is 7.1beta2 (Development), which is what I use. The 6.x firmware does not fully support the LTE modem in the MikroTik Chateau LTE12 from what I'm aware of. I'm not sure about the SXT LTE model.

It's possible the the modem in the SXT model doesn't have a "Use Network APN" option, in which case I presume it uses what's typed in the APN field.
I just checked with iPhone and 48 sim and there’s no mobile hotspot functionality available, I wonder if this is why it’s not working?

Oh by the way I added a new APN in winbox With the 48 apn setting but made no difference

For the iPhone, the APN needs to be added under a separate menu - Go into Settings -> Mobile Data -> APN Settings, then under "Personal Hotspot" enter for the APN and leave the username and password fields blank.

I tried just a moment ago with my older Mikrotik LHG LTE dish using my 48 SIM card as I haven't tested a 48 SIM in it before:

Like your SXT, this one doesn't have a network APN option either, so I just put in "" for the APN:

In the Interface->LTE->General tab section, I put the PIN in and ticked all the bands:

The reception here is too weak to test in 4G mode (I've a large pair of LOG antenna connected to my other Mikrotik Chateau LTE12 router for 4G), but it connected in 3G mode after a minute and able to browse the web.

You can try adding LTE to the logging to see if the Log reports any helpful info:
  1. In the Winbox left menu, go into System -> Logging.
  2. Click '+' to add a new entry.
  3. In the 'Topics' drop-down, select 'LTE', then click 'OK'.
  4. In the Winbox left menu, go into Log.

Look out for any SIM or connection info in the log. With my LHG LTE dish, this is the only way to tell if there is a SIM issue as I remember putting the SIM in upside-down when I first got the LHG.
Hi Sean, and once again thank you for taking the time to help me on this, I’m just back after the weekly shopping trip with the boss so will give it another go, I have the same options as you in the settings but I just get no inbound traffic to the sxt just outbound. But unable to ping google on either sim yet both sims work perfectly in iPhone.. Wonder if signal strengths have anything to do with it, I’ll see if I can post screen shots of what I see on mine..
thanks again for your time
this is what i see        
Hi Sean,

Hope your enjoying the weekend. So here's an update for you on my dad's house.

Getting ok band 3 from the LHG LTE Dish, no more than 30mb DL. Thought I would get more from it to be honest.

I have a pair of ISKRA Log Antennas also you recommend before. Still use them for testing from time to time. Was getting 40 to 50mb when testing with logs at his house before. Decided on the LHG for aesthetics etc. I'm tempted to purchase the 45 degree holder below for the iskra and see what it does with my chateau lte12.

BRKT-0033 45 degr mount.

Appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks
(14/11/2020, 06:26 PM)installer Wrote: this is what i see
It looks like it's connected fine as it usually does not show a session uptime count if there was an APN issue. Try going into the Terminal in the web interface (or Winbox) and ping to see if it replies - This will determine if the SXT has Internet access or if it's an issue between it and the laptop. As it's not showing the SINR, it looks like it's connected in 3G mode. You can try deselecting 'GSM' and '3G' in Interface->LTE->General tab to force it on 4G mode.

(14/11/2020, 06:29 PM)Comsman Wrote: BRKT-0033 45 degr mount.
From the info I could find searching "BRKT-0033", this appears to be a 45 degree bracket for the Poynting antennae. It's unlikely that the Iskra antennae will attach to this as each Poynting antenna has what appears like a plate with 4 screws to attach to each side of the 45 degree bracket.

It's likely the router you used the Iskra's with previously was getting better speed aggregating multiple bands than what the LHG LTE dish gets on band 3 despite the stronger signal. It would be great if MikroTik could release a much more capable LHG dish, e.g. LTE Cat 12 or higher with a Gigabit LAN port.

in desperation I decided to factory default the SXT LTE unit and voila - now have internet connection up and running, was getting close to 50Mb/s initially but after a couple of minutes it decreased to 10Mb/s - this was on the eir sim..

trying the 48 sim now to compare.

around 20Mb/s on the 48 but this is indoor bench testing so quite happy overall the fact I got it working..

Thanks for all your help Sea..... Smile

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