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How to check which 4G band your Huawei B315/B525/B528 router is using
The 15MHz and 20MHz bands are quite possible run from the same mast. However, as these two operate on different frequencies (1855MHz for that 20MHz band and 1812.5MHz for that 15MHz band), they do not interfere with each other. In fact, if you pick up both, your router will likely operate in 4G+ between using these two frequencies for carrier aggregation.

The interference comes from other masts that operate on the same frequency. For example, all Three's 20MHz band 3 masts operate on the same 1855MHz frequency, so when your antenna picks up two or more masts on the same frequency, it is like listening to an FM radio station with interference from distant FM stations operating on the same frequency.

If you are able to get the interference level down (i.e. higher SINR value), you should get faster speed. The maximum speed will depend on the backhaul capacity to that mast, however, I reckon you should still see a significant increase based on how poor the SINR values currently are.

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