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Unifi Hubs & POE Switches - Self Build
Hi lads
Nearly finished a self build, and I have all the Cat6 in place for network access behind TVs as well as 4 network ‘sockets’ in the corner of each room. 

I’m finding it very difficult to get a clear answer from someone in the know on what equipment I need now.

I was thinking that a 48 port POE switch from Netgear could power the 5 Unifi WiFi Access points, and the non POE outlets on the switch (it’s 24/24) could work with all the network ‘sockets’ in each room.

Question now is, would I need to buy Ubiquiti’s switch, controller & cloud key separately, or could I run everything from the one switch? 

Huge cost involved if I am to go for separate devices. 

I could be dreaming that it’s as simple as plug & play with this sort of thing. 

Also, because I may make a balls of it, does anyone know somebody in the North East who specialises in this sort of thing?

Thank you very much
As you have Unifi access points, I suggest going for a Ubiquiti switch as this way you can manage the switch from the Ubiquiti controller also.  For example, if you later add a 24v passive PoE camera, you can set its port to 24v passive PoE from the Ubiuqiti controller rather than through another provider's web interface. 

Unless you have or plan adding more PoE devices in the near future, I suggest going for a switch with 8 or 16 PoE capable ports, such as the US-8-150W or the US-16-150W (all ports are PoE capable, including 24V passive, selectable from the controller). 

You can use a basic unmanaged 24 port switch to patch all the connections leading to the rooms.  Linking the two switches is as simple as running a short Ethernet lead between a LAN port on the PoE switch to a LAN port on the other.  If you need to manage a few ports (e.g. isolate a guest room from rest of network), you can patch them to the PoE switch (which is managed) and use the controller to disable PoE on those ports, put them on separate VLAN, etc. 

You can get away without the Cloud key controller and just use Ubiquiti's PC software controller to configure everything.  You can download the software controller from the following link:

To run the controller as a Windows service so it automatically applies updates in the background whenever the PC is in use or left running:

You can later decide if you need a Cloud key controller.  Its advantage is that it can configure devices in the background such as automatically update firmware. The hardware Cloud Key controller is better suited where there is seldom a PC on the network or if you have more critical hardware such as UniFi IP cameras on the network.  However, it is not necessary just to configure the equipment, i.e. you can connect the APs to the switch and use the downloadable PC controller software configure everything.

I suggest watching the following guide on YouTube, which shows how to use the PC software controller, explains its features and using it to configure UniFi access points:

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