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Three EARFCN and 4G band numbers and temporary allocations
From the time Three bought out O2, they have the most 4G spectrum of any network.  As the EARFCNs (4G frequency numbers) have varying bandwidth sizes, it is useful to know what bandwidth is available on each EARFCN, particularly when using a router capable of band or EARFCN locking. 

Three's licenced 4G spectrum EARFCN values and frequencies:

Band 20 (800MHz)
EARFCN 6300 - 10MHz

Band 3 (1800MHz)
EARFCN 1700 - 20MHz
EARFCN 1275 - 15MHz

Temporary 4G spectrum during the Covid-19 pandemic - Expires 8th October 2020:

Band 28 (700MHz)
EARFCN 9360 - 10MHz

Band 1 (2100MHz)
EARFCN 525 - 15MHz
EARFCN 100 - 10MHz

On Android 7 or later, you can check the current EARFCN values using either the CellMapper or Network Cell Info apps.  The following shows an example of the temporary 4G frequencies in use with the Network Cell Info app:


Note that with most phones, the app only reports neighbouring cells for the current EARFCNs / bands in use.  For example, on the above left, the phone was using bands 28 + 3 + 1 for carrier aggregation (4G+).  Several Band 20 cells are also available in the area, but are not shown as my phone was not using any cell on band 20 at the time.

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