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Non-technical discussions and chat
This forum section is for non technical discussions, such as about the weather, wild bird feeding, etc.

A few articles from my blog as examples (all products mentioned are ones I purchased):

Philips Senseo HD7829 review – Coffee at 1/3 cost of capsules
While some people are picky about their espresso, most people just want a good cup of coffee at the touch of a button.  Here's one that is about as cheap to run as a bean-to-cup machine, but the convenience of using coffee pods.  It makes great cups of coffee and the coffee pods are compostable like tea bags.

Tefal Actifry Review with various chips, fast food & cleaning
My experience of moving from a deep fryer to an air fryer for making chips.  This covers tips on improving the taste and simplifying the process of making homemade chips.  For example, I found no difference between completely drying the chips and putting them in wet, whereas the choice of potatoes makes a huge difference.  

Stanley Erin stove review and which coal works best for us
I wrote this shortly after we replaced our open back-boiler fireplace with a boiler stove.  At first I didn't like that we would lose the open view of the fire.  Now, there's no way we would go back!  Before we lit the stove for the first time, we already noticed a huge improvement in how well our house retained heat, more so than any other added insulation.

Dehumidifier Frequently Asked Questions
Most people don't realise the hidden cost of drying clothes on indoor laundry racks and radiators.  Besides the high risk of mould growth along windows and walls, high humidity draws heat out the house like wearing a damp coat outside.  This article covers various types of dehumidifiers and their running costs.

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