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Correlation between comreg site ID and router info

I am just wondering what relationship, if any, is there between the Site ID given on ComReg SiteViewer, and the Cell ID reported by a router. I have a Huawei B618 router, which reports that I am connected to Cell ID 443394. Looking at the ComReg site gives me my closest mast as 3_WK0044, and another nearby as 3_WK0122. I don't know which one, if either, it is actually connected to.

Thanks in advance
Unfortunately, ComReg's Site ID has a completely different numbering scheme to the Cell IDs reported by the network operator. With Vodafone, some of ComReg's Side IDs are just letters, e.g. DLDGL for one of Vodafone's Side IDs in Donegal town. Most 4G+ masts actually have 6 Cell IDs, i.e. 3 sectors with one ID on band 3 and a second ID on band 20.

The only clue would be with a directional antenna. Once it's aimed with the highest RSRP (4G) or RSCP (3G) reading, the nearest cell on the ComReg map in the direction the antenna is facing is likely the site you are using.

If don't have an antenna, try taking your router outside with a long extension lead on a dry day. Place the router roughly midway along one side of the house on a stable item such as a chair. Check the RSRP or RSCP reading. Repeat for each side. Once you find the side with the highest RSRP or RSCP reading for the same cell ID, you can check the ComReg SiteViewer for the nearest mast in that direction. Even if you are unable to identify the corresponding site, at least you'll know which outer wall/window to place the router inside or which side of the house to mount an antenna.

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