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WARP+ on Windows
If you'd like to get WARP+ to work on windows before the actual release later this year. You can do it like this. You can also subscribe to find out when it is available here :  and click on your OS/Device

Step one:  Go to  and click -  Start coding -  BASH -> Create repl 

Step two:  Copy this command into terminal : wget -O wgcf; chmod +x wgcf 

Step three:    After that command, copy this into it next:        ./wgcf 

Step four:  To register a cloudflare account copy this into terminal :       ./wgcf register   and press enter to agree to terms and conditions

Step five:  The file wgcf-account.toml  file will appear on the left with the account information, you can edit this key with your own android/iOS key if you have premium account on that. Though I've been using it without anything just the generated profile and i've already used well over 10 GB

Step 6: To get your wireguard profile just copy this into terminal: ./wgcf generate   and it will generate the profile. 

Step 7: When it generates the profile name  wgcf-profile.conf  // Open wireguard and click down in the bottom left "Add empty tunnel" and copy all the contents of the
 wgcf-profile.conf  file and then you can name it whatever you want and  click activate and it should work fine. 

Step 8: You can download wireguard here:

Optional: Link to the cloudflare account generator / if you'd like to check commands/syntax:

I went from 40-50 Mbps because of the traffic shaping to crazy results , well over 100 Mbps. Even showing a 470 Mbps maximum on result Big Grin 

Like this you can see the max download in the top right of 471 Mbps  Cool  not sure whether its a glitch but Big Grin :

 [Image: SeluiRZ.png] results now instead of 50 ish: 
[Image: 1eJMgzwqY.png]
[Image: GMim5E6.png]
[Image: iDBIbWd.png]
[Image: 8UAj7vy.png]
Thank you very much for the guide.  Cool  Previously I had no luck finding a workaround for getting WARP+ working on Windows other than tunnelling through an Android phone running the WARP+ app.  

Due to a quirk with this forum's software shortening URLs, this is step 2 with the full URL for anyone following:
Copy this command into terminal : wget -O wgcf; chmod +x wgcf

You can ignore the spike during the TestMy download test, particularly when it's near the start.  Sometimes when a test starts, the virus checker briefly analyses the data.  When it releases this to the browser, this causes the spike. For example, Kaspersky is a right pain for causing this in every test.
From reading more about WARP+, I found that it provides IPv6.  This will be useful for anyone who needs IPv6 connectivity such as for testing IPv6 services or hosts. 

Where a VPN provides IPv6 connectivity, Windows appears to choose IPv4 by default.  From a bit of searching, I came across this post mentioning how to prioritise IPv6 over IPv4:   Cool

  1. Connect the WARP+ WireGuard VPN.
  2. Right-click the Start button.
  3. Click Windows PowerShell (Admin) or Command Prompt (Admin), then click 'Yes'.
  4. Enter one of the following commands:

    Prefer IPv6 over IPv4 until reboot:
    netsh interface ipv6 set prefixpolicy fc00::/7 37 1 store=active

    Prefer IPv6 over IPv4 and retain after reboot:
    netsh interface ipv6 set prefixpolicy fc00::/7 37 1 store=persistent

    Restore the original Windows 10 configuration:
    netsh interface ipv6 set prefixpolicy fc00::/7 3 13 store=persistent

Try pinging an IPv6 enabled host such as  The following shows the IPv4 address before and the IPv6 address after running the command:

You can use the website to verify your IPv6 connectivity:

Note: From what I can tell, prioritising IPv6 appears to have no impact on the download speed, however, it seemed to slow down the upload speed a bit with my connection. 

So far I have not managed to get any speed improvement using WARP+ on Windows, which may be due to Three removing the VPN IP address from what gets priority in its traffic shaping.  Whereas most privacy VPNs have servers across a vast number of server IP addresses (some 1000+), CloudFlare's WireGuard servers appear to just cover 162.159.192.(1-10) from what I could find.  The default WireGuard IP for its PC client which results to is and the Android IP appears to be

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