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LTE Chateau 12 Disconnections after +/- 10s of Downloading
Unfortunately I woke up this morning and did a speed test on my LTE12 to find i'm now also experiencing this "LTE link down" issue. I'm going to record a video and copy the log but what I really don't understand is why this is suddenly became an issue 2 days after enjoying fast speeds without any issues. I literally had 0 issues for 2 days after I got it. 100-200Mbps at peak with downloads only bad time I noticed was three's traffic shaping last night. Is it possible they could see i'm getting these kind of speeds and did something to throttle/limit my connection? I dont understand how it can suddenly stop working when I wasn't initially having the issue. Just a thought.  I'll update this post with a video illustrating exactly what is going on here:

Update: About an hour later and after 3 or 4  hard resets, I am maintaining connection again but the speeds are a joke in comparison. It definitely feels like some kind of limiting measure was imposed somehow. I was getting 100 Mbps in the day yesterday , even 200 Mbps when it was off peak -  and 70-80 ish around 6pm, I did some tests around 11pm yesterday  and the speeds dropped so badly. (I left those results in my other post/asked about traffic shaping) and I just assumed it was that. I wouldn't imagine the cell would be heavily loaded around 2pm on a friday? Ever since i've managed to maintain connection while downloading today, the speeds are much worse.  maybe it is just heavily loaded but just have a look at these results as a comparison. Even prioritized hosts like the vultr test file is downloading at poor speed. If I do a speed test on cloudlflares though, it'll get to about 66 mbps every time no matter which cell I set as the primary band which makes it feel like a limit. It will not surpass 66 ish Mbps on cloudflare at all which is odd. I really wonder is it possible can they notice that someone is getting those speeds and impose come kind of traffic shaping? Or is it some issue with the router where it just decides to become faulty after two days of use Big Grin 
Bunch of speedtests here with times to see what i'm talking about:

Is it even possible that they can indentify a single user using excessive data/getting more speeds than they should and impose some kind of limit on them? or is traffic shaping set for every single user when its used? I've got no idea why i'd get such a sharp change in performance a day and a half later Cry
I did a speedtest on my R11e4G on its own and the speeds are quite poor as well about 10-16 Mbps down on the fastest band 3 cell. The upload is even too low now to stream anymore. Knowing my luck , they imposed traffic shaping the day after I got my new setup Big Grin I used to get 14-16 mbps with band 3 upload on the R11e4G, now i'm getting 7-8 on which translates to about 3-4k bitrate max on a twitch server. Thats why I needed the big overhead with upload.
The "LTE Link down" issue is exactly what I'm experiencing with the far away 4G+ site I pick up.  Like your screen recording, a speed test or a large download usually causes it to trip.  With me, it has been happening since the time I first connected to the Three network with carrier aggregation.  Confused This issue does not happen without carrier aggregation such as if I select band 20 only.  

If you were using cell lock to keep it on that band 20 cell ID, try disabling it to see whether this was causing the issue.  The cell lock has this bug when using carrier aggregation. 

You can try also selecting band 3 only.  This is something I can't test due to the Three mast not letting me connect on band 3 as the primary band from my distance. 

I think Three has been doing some network tweaks over the past day or two as our speed has been all over the place, both with the Kilcar mast and the distant 4G+ on the Ox Mountains.  For example, two days ago my upload speed maxed out around 3Mbps with the distant 4G+ site compared to 16Mbps a day later.  When I went back to the Kilcar mast, I had one day getting 20-30Mbps down on its band 20 cell and the next day it was down to <5Mbps at times even at 9am. 

For your area, I wonder if it has anything to do with the overnight thunderstorms knocking out a backhaul link.  Our electricity was off for about 30 minutes this morning and there were a lot of power outages on the ESB Powercheck map.  As your antennae are mounted at +/-45 degree angles, you can try swapping the leads again to see which gives the better uplink on each band. Smile

If you are still getting LTE Link Down issues, I suggest posting on MikroTik's forum in this thread I started:

In the meantime, I am currently experimenting with the Chateau to see if there's some way I can workaround the issue.  LTE Passthrough has been promising in that it doesn't break the TCP connections (speed tests do complete), but the router no longer functions as a router, i.e. all Internet activity goes over the one Ethernet port to a single device.  This also causes ~400ms latency spikes each time the connection goes down/up.  I've also managed to soft-brick it a number of times, requiring hard resets. Big Grin
Maybe it was the thunderstorms it was bad last night /early morning I heard it myself Big Grin At least for now after a few hard resets it seems to maintain connection again. It was only happening for 2 hours this morning and after a few resets it seemed to be working again. I also re-tested cell locking to each band and downloaded some stuff and it was keeping connected... really weird. Would the lightning knocking out some kind of equipment last night cause that issue? it's weird how the LTE link down error resolved itself. As for upload i'll post in my original post again Big Grin

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