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Technical articles on Editor Seán
For technical discussions that are not computer related, post them here. 

Feel free to discuss non computer topics, such as light bulb efficiency, improving FM radio reception, room heating, weather stations, etc.

A few technical articles from my blog:

How to change a Samsung fridge freezer 40W light bulb
Anyone that has an older Samsung fridge with a filament light bulb is probably wondering why their new screw-in bulb will not light.  Sure, getting an expensive genuine Samsung light bulb will work, but here's how to get any E27 bulb to work and which size bulb fits the lamp fixture. 

Measure relative humidity using an infrared thermometer
Infrared thermometers are great for quickly checking the room temperature.  Here's how to use one to get a rough relative humidity reading.

Balancing radiators without thermometers
If your central heating radiators to not heat up evenly (e.g. hot in some rooms, but lukewarm in others), this covers how to balance them without calling in a plumber or needing clip-on thermometers that they usually use. 

FM radio stations picked up in Letterkenny with Tecsun PL-606
For those interested in picking distant radio stations, this radio is by far one of the most sensitive I've come across.  It picks up clearly listenable stations on frequencies that most of my other FM radios don't pick up a hint of sound.  Here's what this radio picks up in Letterkenny at the time of testing.  

What heater? Oil-filled, fan, ceramic, halogen, gas, paraffin, bioethanol…
Have you ever wondered how different types of room heaters work?  All electric heaters are technically 100% efficient, but they do vary a lot in how they distribute the heat in the room. 

Storing solar power in batteries costs more than the grid
This article mainly talks about most current battery technology such as lead acid.  Off-grid solar makes sense in some situations such as powering a shed or wireless relay far away from a power source.

Reverse charge premium rate SMS sign-up theories and opinion
If you have ever been signed up to a premium rate SMS service or know someone who has, this covers a few theories of how it may have happened.  Rogue Apps that perform click-fraud are usually the culprit.  

Electric dehumidifier running costs vs moisture absorber and silica gel
Most dampness and mould issues are usually caused by drying clothes on clothes racks and radiators. While electric dehumidifiers can prevent this issue, this article covers the high hidden cost of trying to use refillable moisture absorber devices that are heavily promoted in hardware stores.  

Solar water heating payback vs replacing the hot water tank
Solar water heating panels generally require replacing the hot water tank.  Here's why it may be worth replacing the water tank and forgetting about the solar water panels.  The main saving comes from the new tank retaining the heat.

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