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View X / Twitter feeds without an account - Nitter
There are a few people that I like to read their X / Twitter feeds, especially where they share pictures or video clips only on X.  However, ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter, the site blocks access to user feeds when not logged in.  I do not have a Twitter (or Facebook) account. 

I recently came upon Nitter, an open source front-end to Twitter (now X), which provides access to user's feeds including threads, pictures and videos without ever presenting a log-in page.  It is also Ad-free, privacy focused and does not depend on Twitter/X's JavaScript, so loads pages quickly, great for those on slow mobile data connections.

For example, I really enjoy reading Peter's mobile network / site discussions and videos, many of which only on his Twitter feed.  However, just try accessing his feed via the official Twitter link while logged out:

Change "" to "" (or another Nitter instance domain, see update below) . . .

This can also be useful for browsing certain Linked-In posts without an account either where the person shares links to their posts on their Twitter feed, such those by Luke Kehoe:

Update 13 Feb '24: Nitter has been discontinued and its official website has gone offline. There are some other sites hosting Nitter that still work (full list here), which I replaced the domain in the above links with one online at this time.

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