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Fighting goldfinches - They look cute, but are feisty while feeding
I enjoy passing the time watching the birds in the garden, particularly the goldfinches.  These are picky eaters, primarily eating Niger seed.  Their second choice is sunflower hearts, so I put these in the window feeder.

Before I started feeding wild birds many years ago, I never saw a goldfinch in our garden.  Initially I thought they were some exotic birds that somehow ended up on our feeders until I did a look-up on them.  They occasionally will feed on peanut feeders, especially during the frosty weather.  However, if there's a Niger seed feeder, it's like throwing out scrap food to the crows - They turn up in numbers fighting over the available feeding ports:

At this time of year (June), their juveniles join in, so the above also includes a little footage of them chirping.  One morning, I saw a goldfinch hopping back and forth on the fence between pecking some seed from the feeder and feeding it to its juvenile.  I really wish I had the camera handy as it was very cute to watch.

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