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Poor signal 1 bar
Hi I'm new here, just discovered you! Our cottage in Southwest Scotland can only get 1 bar of signal  and only on Vodafone. Also only from a bedroom window . The only possible line of sight direction is Northern Ireland or the IOM but at 40miles and 20 miles its a stretch. How can I find what band I'm on (guessing 20) and find the cell tower I'm picking up. Will an amplifier and antenna help signal strength? What sort would you recommend thats cheap. I really only need voice calls, data is too much to ask. Many thanks.
Probably the best option would be to use WiFi calling, which is where your phone makes / receives calls and texts over your Internet connection instead of relying on a mobile signal. They have a guide on enabling this feature with most phones:

If your cottage doesn't have an Internet connection, you can use a GSM mobile repeater to boost the indoor coverage. Unfortunately these are very expensive (€500+) and there are only a few brands available that manufacture repeaters that are legal for use, such as Stella Doradus. Don't buy one off eBay, AliExpress, etc. as most don't have safeguards to such as preventing the transmission of noise/interference back towards the mast. Their 800MHz repeater would be the best option to provide data, voice and SMS messages, which requires VoLTE support to make / receive voice calls over 4G. However, if you already have an Internet connection and your phone doesn't have the WiFi calling capability, it would be much cheaper to upgrade your phone to a Wi-Fi calling capable model.

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