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How to disable 5G on an Arcadyan Meteor
Hello, im posting on this forum because i saw someone posting a thread with the same modem (arcadyan meteor).
Where i live the 5g is very bad but the 4g is quite good, my rooter keep switching to 5g even tough 4g has more than 150 mbps and 5g is really laggy (1-20 mbps).

So my question is : Is there a possibility of disabling 5g on my rooter. 
I tried searching on interface to find if there were an option to disable it but there were not.
I also tried to disassemble it, and took of some antenna but it also didnt work.
it has 13 antennas AWJ and XJ don't know what it means.

Thank in advance for your reply.

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I've tried some searching here, but found little info other than turning off its Wi-Fi. The following is a third party API for exposing some hidden settings, but none of the screenshot examples show anything on band locking.

If it's Meteor Ireland (i.e. the Eir network), they use DSS on band 3 where the network dynamically shares the spectrum on band 3 between 4G and 5G. With DSS bands such as this and 5G on bands below 2700MHz, there is no way to prevent it switching to 5G by disconnecting antennas as most 5G modems share the same antennas between 4G and 5G on bands below 2.7GHz and only use separate antennas for the 3.6GHz and higher bands.

Otherwise the best option I can think of would be to replace it with a Category 12 or higher rated 4G only router and sell this one to recoup the cost.
Hello, thank you for your response, do you know where did you find the info about exposing the hidden settings?

And i'm thinking about calling my phone operator to disable 5g on phone line but i don't know if it's possible.
Sorry, I forgot to include the link above:
Unfortunately these modems are quite restrictive with their user interface.
I had the same issue and ended up getting an external antenna.
However, 5G was unforgiving with regards to pointing the antenna to the exact location of the tower.
But I'm on 5G 99.9% of the time now and the annoying 4G/5G switch is resolved.

Alternatively buy a used unlocked 4G modem on ebay,  and if all else fails look into Starlink as an alternative.

PS. If you decide to go with an external antenna, don't forget to buy the pigtails.

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