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Get past Three traffic shaping on Android / iOS with Warp+
As many Three users are well aware, there are many areas where peak time speeds get frustratingly slow.  With some areas, this is mainly due to high contention on the cell or sector, in which case there is little that the user can do other than try using another mast (e.g. outdoor directional antenna) or try another provider such as Eir or Vodafone. 

There are areas where there is plenty of spare capacity on the mast, but where traffic shaping further upstream affects the speed.  For example, if you notice that YouTube plays just fine in 1080p while at the same time some websites are slow to open, this is a good sign of traffic shaping taking hold.  

As I mentioned in another thread, Three's traffic shaping lets some CDNs run at full speed, including Cloudflare. 

Besides accelerating websites, Cloudflare can accelerate your data connection through its App.  At present, it is only available for Android and iOS and costs €3.99/month with unlimited traffic for up to 5 devices.

Test run:

At home, I pick up two separate Three masts.  One mast shows little variation between day & night.  The other mast I pick up further away nosedives in performance after 8pm, but shows clear symptoms of traffic shaping.  

At just after 10pm on the 3rd May, I performed a 6MB test download on every server on  I then connected to WARP+ and reran the tests.  As the speed was substantially quicker, I run 25MB test downloads on every mirror over WARP+.  Here are the results:

Warp+ itself seems to be capped around 20Mbps, but even still, that is a massive improvement with every server apart from the Colorado Springs server, which seems to get priority. 

The following chart shows just how many times quicker each download ran:

Here is a direct comparison of the Australian server download test (direct vs Warp+), which had the highest impact:
[Image: bEgcDNgxw.png] [Image: 4PvtwsNRd.png]

Finally for the Ookla Speedtest fanatics, here is a speed test with the same Irish Blacknight server, first with a direct connection, then over Ookla's own VPN service and finally over Cloudflare's WARP+:

I have not tested this yet on Android TV, but if the App works there, it should help get around streaming issues in cases where traffic shaping is the culprit. 

Cloudflare plans upcoming Windows and Mac Apps, which should bring similar performance to the PC, assuming Three does not manage to exclude it from its traffic shaping. Wink

Note: Before purchasing Warp+, I strongly recommend first checking if traffic shaping is the culprit. This thread gives a handful of tests to try. If there is little to no speed difference in the tests, then the issue is not traffic shaping, i.e. Warp+ will unlikely offer any improvement.

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