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Router keeps crashing and restarting itself
Hello everyone, I'm a bachelor's student. I'm using Netgear router for my internet. But for the last two or three days, my router keeps crashing. My router keeps restarting itself. Please help me figure out how to solve my problem.
It might be a failing power supply, particularly if the router is a few years old. It could also be a failing component within the router such as a dried out capacitor.

I suggest try a replacement power supply with the matching voltage and at least the same current rating. Most routers use a 12V power supply, so if you have an older router, it's power supply might work if it's also 12V. Do not use a power supply with a higher voltage rating (such as a laptop power supply) as this may damage the router.
(23/08/2022, 12:21 PM)emmawaston79 Wrote: I'm using Netgear router

The red one? It probably need to be recalibrated.

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