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End of Club Myce forum - My thoughts
Thx for the help czary2mary! Big Grin
(09/09/2022, 07:01 PM)Liggy Wrote:
(09/09/2022, 09:16 AM)Jan70 Wrote: Hi all, sad to see that the forum of myce/csfreaks is gone. I was a lurker the past years.
Check your PM for information where to find the rest of the former staff  Wink

(09/09/2022, 11:30 AM)Seán Wrote: If anyone is interested in starting any CD/DVD/BD related threads here, feel free to do so and I'll set up a sub-forum to move them into.  With how quiet the Myce forum was before it ceased, I can't see discussions here growing beyond what my hosting resources allows (currently around 5-10% usage).
If you manage to get a Discourse forum up and running I could provide the backup files I have, but when I tried myself I failed to setup a forum where I could restore the backup. However I didn't spend too much time on it.
Strangely the backup from 2020 is 11 GB, while the 2022 backup is only 3 GB Confused

Hello there! So sorry, was just trying to browse Myce with a friend and found it dead. You appear to be the only person on the internet who seems to have backed up Myce that I have been able to find. Would you be so kind as to upload as a DDL or a torrent so that the knowledge isn't to lost time? Both the 2022 and 2020 backup would be ideal! If you have any more questions, please feel free to message me.
I decided to log into Myce today and forums were gone Huh So I did some searching and it sent me here. Sad to see them go but I think burning disks is almost a thing of the past Sad I have a Blue Ray burner and all the goodies to burn 4k with it if I choose and it works but not much reason anymore. I learned about it from Freaks a while back and bought the LG burner that could do it with the right firmware and I used to be very active on several forums.
Nice to see some old friends I haven't chatted with in years and I hope someone still has all the resources to do what we all used to do a lot and enjoy.
I mostly use my home network and plex now and I have recoded most all of my 4k and HD disks onto the hard drives to play over the network. We bought a house back in 2012 and I'm still playing with tech gear and electronics. Looks like CDR Labs has gone quite too. Everything is still up and the news keeps being updated But Ian or anyone else hasn't posted in the forum for a while.
Like others, I found this thread by searching what happened to Myce forums.
At least now I know that it's gone for good.
It's a shame though, the CDFreaks/Myce forums had a ton of info on disc drives and optical media that was not available anywhere else on the internet, not to mention the many knowledgeable people.
Best of luck to you guys!
I use to be a member of CD Freaks / Club Myce for many many many years. 
I found this forum searching for the old forum which use to be a blast visiting.

I signed up here with the same username.

Will you have a forum like "The Living Room" where anything goes? Smile
Nice to see a few more familiar usernames. Sadly it looks like what's left of the former Myce front end is disintegrating into a mess of irrelevant articles on dog training, cooking, etc.

(27/02/2023, 01:56 AM)kurb Wrote: Will you have a forum like "The Living Room" where anything goes? Smile
That's a great idea. Originally that was what this section "The Branch" was intended to be, i.e. where birds jibber-jabber and tweet on a tree branch with this forum themed around being "in the sticks". I've now renamed it to "The Living Room". Smile
Hi guys, I was very saddened (but not suprised) by the demise of the forums. I'm glad I came across this forum with so many familiar names from the old days...
I registered here because I was also on the Club Myce forum for some time, but since the forum collapsed, I am now looking for a forum similar to Club Myce. Can anyone recommend a forum for CD/DVD drives or even a Discord server dedicated to CD/DVD drives? It may be in this topic, and it may even be in PM

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