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How to access Patreon's hidden custom pledge button
Patreon is a great way to support creators such as on YouTube, especially as you can choose which creators to support and that most of your contribution goes straight to the creators, unlike YouTube Premium for example.  Personally I pledge $1/month to the YouTube creators I regularly watch, such as Big Clive, Techmoan, etc.  While this seems small, I'd rather support many rather than higher pledges to just a few. 

In the past, this was as simple as clicking the "Custom pledge" option.  However, Patreon has since hidden this option on its website.  According to this "Help Article", custom pledges start at $1 minimum and creators cannot disable them or change the minimum value.  So where is this option?

After some searching, I finally found one answer buried in a Reddit post and another myself concealed in other ways.

Custom Pledge Method 1:

Open the creator's Patreon page.  I chose AvE in the examples below as his minimum membership tier is $5, yet here's how to join from $1, €1, etc. 

Scroll down to the first locked post.  Do not click the post or "Join now" button! After a second or two, a "Become a patron" button appears at the top-right.  Click it:


Scroll down to the bottom of the membership tiers and the custom pledge button should appear.  Click it:


Change the pledge amount to what you wish to pay.  Unlike clicking a post or membership tier, you can enter any amount from '1' up, such as $1, €1, £1, etc. (+VAT such as here in Ireland):


Custom Pledge Method 2:

Open the creator's Patreon page.  In the URL bar, insert '/join' after '.com', then press Enter:


Scroll down to the bottom of the membership tiers and the custom pledge button should appear as shown in method 1 above.

Custom Pledge Method 3:

In the Patreon phone App, open the creator's Patreon feed by searching for the creator: 


Touch the "Become a Patron" button and the custom option should be there on the next screen:


Custom membership limitations:

A custom pledge provides access to any posts that just say "Join now" in the bottom, such as the following example:


It does not provide access to posts that specify a value such as the following example:


Custom pledges do not provide access to any other tier related benefits, such as Discord access, etc.

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