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Further 4G + 4G+ testing in regards to my post
I repeated the speed tests, really poor speeds , pretty much the same on and on testmy . only difference between them would be 1-2 mbps. Download is like between 3-6 and upload is unaffected mostly, being around 10-15 mbps.
The carrier aggregation actually works on both, I'm able to force it by locking the primary band to the 20 Mhz cell and if i want it to use the 15Mhz I just unlock it and re-select band 3 and it usually picks the 15 Mhz one first.

Here look : and

I'm pretty sure it wasnt this slow last night and the signal was slightly worse, since the speeds are pretty much the same on both testmy and speedtest , and 4G+ doesn't seem to help much at least with band 20 + 3 , What do you think it is?
It's very likely the upstream serving the mast or even the area, especially as you are getting similar results with both masts including 4G+. I reckon you should be getting 40+ Mbps on the downlink and 20+Mbps on the uplink for band 3 for those readings if there was no bottleneck upstream. It will be interesting to see what you get offpeak such as early in the morning.

At the moment, these are my readings directly from the router, which are worse than yours:
Quote:RSRQ: -16dB
RSRP: -102dBm
RSSI: -75dBm
Frequency: DL:6300 UL:24300
Band: B20 (FDD 800Mhz)
PLMN: 27205
Upload bandwidth: 10 MHz
Download bandwidth: 10 MHz
Speed on TestMy at present:
[Image: Oer-4uilC.YNO4_FERF.png]
Late last night I was able to get 50 Down and about 15-20 up but at peak time its awfully slow Cry
I actually have the results as I was testing it a lot last night.

Off peak speeds :
And throughout the day + Peak time speeds :

Even hit 1 mbps test on band 3 at peak time Cry
I remember few months back getting 100 mbps max at the middle of the night with the LOG antennas but I think the network degraded since/ got more congested and the signal was much worse around -114 to -116 on band 3.
One thing I'm not sure if its down to the network getting worse recently or difference in the devices but I remember 4G+ having more of an effect... I would select 1800 as primary in LTEinspecteur and then 800 as DL and I was able to hit that speed in the middle of the night. Could just be the whole pandemic thing and the network load worsened either.
I'm surprised your overnight tests are not much higher as there certainly should not be any contention at 5am!  I am noticing a similar observation from the far away mast I pick up, giving the impression that Three is capping the speed.

When I tested a few downloads from a known host that is not throttled, I was hitting close to 80Mbps.  Try downloading the 100MB test file from the following host to see if you notice anything similar on your end, especially in the evening:

As my antennae are currently aimed at the local Kilcar mast, I positioned my phone where I pick up the far away mast and tethered my laptop from it:

TestMy vs Speedtest:
[Image: nZMQsau5U.CKdN-qqBA.png] [Image: 9305398954.png]

1 minute into downloading the 1GB file from that above host (to fill the graph):

Ookla Speedtest run immediately after the 1GB file finished downloading:

Hopefully this only lasts for the pandemic.

Update: Quick retest over the local mast via the Huawei B525:

TestMy vs Speedtest (both bob up/down a few Mbps test after test):
[Image: pGmsLHvIq.8V_7~nEmL.png] [Image: 9305700772.png]

Vultr finishing a download immediately followed by Speedtest:

There's also some very interesting observation someone pointed out on the Speedtest result - That "Faster than 77% of IE".  I wouldn't have thought Ireland's average was much slower due to the pandemic, unless this only refers to the 3 network.
I tried performing the same test, this is what it looks like just before 7pm.

[Image: Mi11f8n.png]

[Image: HRln8yO.png]

Immediately after :
[Image: iP4QfGT.png]

I guess the results are similar ish? at least by looking at the vultr and speedtest one. One thing I noticed in one of the testmy results. 

[Image: k49uueZ.png]

I had a peak download speed of 68.39 Mbps, Shame I can't maintain this all the time Cry I dont understand why I dont hit it more often unless there is some kind of cap. I'd imagine -101 db on band 3 is pretty good signal wise as its not much better than what I get on 800 Mhz and that shows as 5 bars in the router on band 20 on the huawei.

One issue for me I just realised though, How do I receive SMS messages in the mikrotik? I have that number for a lot of my accounts and I just realised I don't know how to get SMS on it Cry ... I'll try this test again off-peak tonight and see what I get. Still no luck with trying to get intra band carrier aggregation either. I dont get why it won't do it because i'm able to do 4G+ on the band 20 mast with either of the band 3 cells. I'm very happy with the upload so far though : ) exactly what I wanted... I'm just never happy and always trying to get more out of my internet lol and all of this hassle wouldn't be a thing if they just supplied fiber or something, sadly too impractical when you live in rural places like this I guess. The ESB actually promised to put fiber on top of that those 110 Kv power lines they put up , ugly pylons everywhere now but of course they never kept their word and now they said its only for "internal communication" now even though they promised people living near it would get fiber from it.

There was another thing i'm not sure if you'd know the reason, but when I was using discord (voip chat client) the ping would spike randomly to 300-500ms so peoples voices would cut out , tried changing server region etc in the client but I had the same issue. I tried pingplotter and ping command in cmd and there no spikes whatsoever , really consistent ping, same ingame. do you think its like a firewall/NAT/upnp thing? Didn't have this issue with the huawei router. Though I did notice that the NAT Type was "open" now in games, and was "moderate" before on the huawei. so abit weird.


 [Image: hIoRCin.png]
You can ignore the very short blips during the test. Sometimes this is caused by an out of sync packet which causes incoming data to buffer until this late packet arrives, after which the chunk is released to the browser. If you ever test on a fixed line connection (e.g. VDSL), you'll often see a perfectly flat line. Ookla's Speedtest ignores short dips and spikes, so it's line usually looks flat unless the connection is very erratic.

I never checked SMS messages when I had the MikroTik. From looking at their Wiki, it appears that they can only be viewed in the terminal, unless you see an SMS option in the Tools menu.

This Wiki page has an SMS section, but not as easy to follow or understand as its band locking section:

From what I can tell, it requires a command to enable SMS receiving. Oddly, they don't a command example to do this, like SMS support is an afterthought.

My best guess would be the following command to enable SMS:
/tool sms port=lte1 receive-enabled=yes

For viewing SMS messages, it mentions the following command. I assume this command prints out a list as the Wiki again doesn't show an example.
/tool sms inbox

I'm not sure about the Discord spike issue (I never used Discord for voice). If it only happens with 4G+ enabled, it could be the odd packets that get delayed over the congested band 20.

Indeed I remember when SIRO / ESB first announced its fibre roll out that they would focus on rural areas with overhead power lines. I still get the odd query asking when this will happen, not realising that SIRO now mainly focuses on built-up areas and suburbs.

From seeing your Vultr test, at least your area doesn't seem to be affected by Three's traffic shaping during peak time and seems more like contention on the back-haul / upstream to the masts in the area. It'll be interesting to see how the off-peak tests compare.
Second bit of testing shows how poor it is at peak time un-usable really in comparison to normal , couldn't even watch YT or twitch ... I wonder is it just the heavy use from pandemic or is it something to do with devices.

[Peak time 9pm testing results] In the order : / Vultr / (vultr left side and speedtest on the right in 2nd screenshots)

Speed on Band 3 15 Mhz Cell with band 20 4G+ : + +
Signal readings for them:  

Speed on Band 3 20 Mhz Cell with band 20 4G+ : + , Vultr was even worse in this case 
Signal readings for them: 

Speed on Band 3 20 Mhz Cell on its own :  + +
Signal reading for it:

Speed on Band 3 15 Mhz Cell on its own : + + 
Signal reading for it : 

[Off-Peak speedtests 4AM]  In the order : / Vultr / (vultr left side and speedtest on the right in 2nd screenshots)

Speed on Band 3 15 Mhz Cell with band 20 4G+ : + +
Signal readings for them:

Speed on Band 3 20 Mhz Cell with band 20 4G+ : + +
Signal readings for them:

Speed on Band 3 20 Mhz Cell on its own: + +
Signal reading for it:

Speed on Band 3 15 Mhz Cell on its own : + +
Signal reading for it :

Speed on Band 20 on its own :
Signal reading for it :

I'm not sure why its so poor at peak time, the readings RSRQ and RSRP are good aren't they? I thought below 12 RSRQ was more than fine, but it appears like the speed is abysmally slow for some reason.I guess theres nothing I can do if its some kind of upstream thing? I noticed on the 15 Mhz band 3 cell test vultr speedtest peaked abit higher than the others but thats it... not that big of a difference, funnily enough upload seems mostly unaffected still. I'll add the off-peak results later on tonight.

The off-peak results are kind of meh as well like they aren't hitting anywhere near the 60 mark consistently even, and  my band 3 signal is even better than it was on the LOGS as well even getting -8 or -9 RSRQ with 16 SINR which I didnt even get on 800 Mhz ever nevermind band 3, my SINR on the LOGS on band 3 was always negative and the signal would be above -113 db . Though its flipped because now my SINR is always negative on band 20 with the mikrotik, kind of strange lol . Is it a fixable thing (on either end three's or my own) or is it just poor network capacity on threes end? also got some text about fixing their system or "updating" it , not sure what that was about.

Discord seems to work fine now I think it was just a one off thing, so thats nice Big Grin

Do you think using the huawei router setup for WiFi will cause any speed difference? I actually was using the PC hotspot feature  and I was getting a  BSOD if I did a speedtest on my phone/used it for a long-ish period of time : page_fault_in_non_paged_area was the error, So i'll probably have to get the router setup for wifi ap done next. And as for the SMS thing, I never even thought of checking the tools option like you said, just did that and it works fine, just had to enable SMS and I tested it by getting gmail to send me a text and it worked Smile  ty again!
That's a great number of tests. Smile Thanks for taking the time. At least it confirms your mast is not affected by traffic shaping, but just a bummer about the severe contention.

I am sure the poor peak time speeds are not due to your signal readings, especially with those SINR figures. Even with a quiet mast that has a massive upstream feeding it, you will usually achieve over half the usable bandwidth once the SINR reaches 10dB. I remember late last year when I had a SINR of 18dB (due to the right weather) and the same -102dB RSRP, I was getting around 60Mbps on TestMy early in the day off the local band 20 cell, i.e. 80% of the 75Mbps maximum capacity. So for a 20MHz cell, I reckon you should be getting almost double that if it were not for whatever is causing the bottleneck, never mind the carrier aggregation on top.

As for your band 20 readings, this is mainly due to the dish being ineffective at 800MHz. On that band, the dish basically does nothing more than what a flat reflector would as the 800MHz wavelength is 37.5cm. From my prior testing with the MikroTik on 800MHz, it had almost no directivity, e.g. I could turn it almost 90 degrees before the signal reading started to drop, by which stage the dish part of the antenna was better at obstructing the signal than improving it when faced towards the mast.

If your Eir SIM plan has not expired yet, you could try setting up the LOGs and Huawei B525. This way you use it to provide Wi-Fi and switch your PC over to it in the evenings until Three's peak time speed improves again.
I dont mind I enjoy figuring all the stuff out Big Grin its really interesting. I'll start testing the stream now and stuff to see how the upload on band 3 is  and having the extra download bandwidth should hopefully keep it at a lower ping since the issue mainly was anytime i'd stream , if anything loaded at all the ping would spike and cause everything to freeze up for a second or even longer. Also the upload would randomly completely die out on band 20 , CBR of 3500 kbps and then out of nowhere it'd just drop to 0.1 and the stream would die and the dropped frames would make it unwatchable.  When i'd look in LTEinspecteur when that would happen the RSRQ would go from -16 red to a green -8 but the upload was dead. kind of weird that the reading got better when it would die out. Ill make an update on how it goes with that Smile

Okay so amazing results when it worked , initially started it and it was awfully unstable, going from ping i'd never get with the LOG's with the stream on - 40-50ms ingame while streaming at 3500 bitrate, but it'd spike to 180ms + and become laggy. So I rebooted router and tried changing dns server through windows control panel, didnt really help ,I changed my MTU to 1300 through the router page and now it is the best its ever been , at least in this current moment, 40-60ms while streaming, feels really smooth, as if I wasn't streaming at all. 

Is there any network tweaks you'd recommend to tweak it? If it stays like it is currently i'd be very happy, was quite scared at first because the OBS indicator was red/yellow/orange and barely able to hit 3500 bitrate, even though in speedtests I have more than enough.  like this, but at least at moment, i dont know if its a fluke or not but its amazing now after adjusting mtu from 1500 to 1300 lol.

11.30 pm and locked on the band 3 15 Mhz cell, its amazing so far, super smooth 35-60ms and no frame drops. If I can tweak this and maintain now would be perfect Big Grin
That's a great idea experimenting with the MTU size, something I would not have thought about affecting the latency.  I do know that the MTU size affects VPN connections, so if you use any VPN service such as for getting around catch-up TV georestrictions, you may need to reduce the VPN's MTU size by 100 (e.g. 1200).  I've a separate thread as a few e-mailed me about the same issue trying to get a VPN to connect.  That's what a forum is for, if only the first person asked on a forum. Wink 

When I get a chance, I'll try experimenting with MTU sizes to see how it affects the performance / latency here.  The local mast has an MTU size of 1500, but from testing the far away one has an MTU size of 1492 (1464 byte ping + 28 bytes overhead):


Today I went with my Dad to Donegal to help him with the shopping, my first time there in almost a month due to the Covid lock-down.  I had my phone set to 4G only and watched the Network Cell Info app at various stages along the way.  I ran download speed tests on TestMy each time I had a good signal.  From what I saw along the route, everywhere I picked up 4G+, it was on Band 3 (1700) + 20 (6300) only.  The exception was between Kilcar and Killybegs where I picked up the former O2 Band 3 (1275) and band 1 (525), EARFCN in brackets.

From the speed tests long the way, most of the 4G+ signal areas appear to have severe upstream contention.  For example, on the Mountcharles bypass, I got 2.58Mbps on TestMy.  That was 4G+ with RSRP -102, RSRQ -16, SINR 13 on band 20 and RSRP -102, RSRQ -6 on band 3.  I can just imagine trying to use that cell after 9pm... Confused

Donegal town was a different story entirely.  Despite operating on Band 3 (1700) + Band 20 (6300) like the villages along the way, the speed was like a basic FTTH link.  Most of my tests there were 130Mbps+, the highest just outside Supervalu, along with the signal readings: Cool


Summary of the tests on TestMy, most around Supervalu and Aldi.  The lowest were around the town centre as the Three mast is above the Abbey hotel:


In Killybegs, Three's traffic shaping is quite severe from the Vultr test on my mobile.  TestMy followed by Ookla doesn't show anything too suspicious:

[Image: 4EWP5qtlE.~quvQQJoV.png] [Image: 5986463902.png]

... then I download the 100MB file from Vultr NL: Tongue 


Today I have a new hawk to play with, not the type that snatches finches off my garden feeders, but a Neatgear M1100.  My Huawei B525 seems to be acting up each time I try using it in 4G+ mode with the far away mast, so decided to purchase this to try, figuring I can return it to Amazon if it's no better.  I'm currently waiting on TS9 to SMA connectors to attach my LOGs to, but even on its own without external antennae, it's outperforming my phone by about 6dB in the same spot outside.  Although the current speed is nothing to write about (9Mbps on TestMy UK), I have never seen my B525 get over 3Mbps after 9pm on the far away mast even with the LOGs attached.
Wow I wish I had those speeds that you get in donegal town, how come its so fast there?  wish i was able to connect to a mast like that one .thats miles better than what i've ever seen with using 4G Big Grin. At least yesterday I was having issues with the ping fluctuating to quite a bit over 100 , its bareable though unlike before where it'd lock up everything. I feel like I lost the settings I had from the first night because I wasn't having that issue. I'm sure it was something to do with MTU though because lowering it  that night seemed to stop the spiking. I'll try it again today though to see if it was a once off thing. I reset the thing and probably just lost initial settings I had. But overall its miles better, ping is mostly around 40-60 except when it fluctuates randomly it'll go over 100 its like the upload wasn't fully consistent or something but in speedtests it appears to be. the SINR fluctuates a lot still i wonder does that have anything to do with it, also the signal sometimes goes from -101 to -103. Does signal get weaker during peak time? It seems to change a bit throughout the day. Just watching it there, 15 SINR then it dropped to -1 and back up to 13 then. 

would any of these settings need changing , like if i change mtu on one thing should all of it be done?   i dont know what 90% of it all means Big Grin theres way more even. The whole bridge all LAN ports thing is what made that bridge show up in interface I guess, I dont think internet was working without enabling that in quickset when u set it up. not sure why.
The only thing I can think of with Donegal is that its mast is likely connected by fibre and the rest I pick up are microwave fed.  There are two masts I've run into in Letterkenny before that perform like the Donegal one.  One is near the electrical substation heading down the steep decline into Letterkenny (Stranorlar road), also a band 3 + 20 mast last time I checked.  The second is along High Road, a band 3 + 3 mast, but only from one of its sectors bizarrely.  The last time I checked, I was able to hit about 100Mbps consistently on one side, but low single digits on the other side, despite my phone showing 4G+ using band 3 (1700) + 3 (1275).  It could be weeks (if not months) before I'm there again, hopefully before the temporary ComReg bandwidth extensions expire, if Three's using any there.

I tried some experimenting with the MTU here with the Nighthawk M1000, but I didn't notice any difference regardless of the MTU sizes with the far away mast that crawls here in the evening.  On the other hand, this router gives a surprisingly low ping when running a speed test. 

This is when I run a Multithread down speed test on TestMy with the Huawei B525 on our local mast:

Although the further away mast has terrible speed here at the moment, here is when I run the same multithread test on the Nighthawk M1100:

Whenever I tried using the Huawei B525 with the far away mast even with the LOGs, the ping would go into the 1000s or time out when I tried running a speed test in the evening.  On the Nighthawk, it barely affects the ping.

However, an upload test definitely affect affects the ping, still nowhere near as severe as the Huawei B525:

Then again, with these poor signal readings it has from its internal antenna and it transmitting on band 20, I'm not surprised:

Like the Huawei, the M1100 doesn't show any info about the second carrier.  It has a command line terminal, so will look up info on using it, even though I'm aware it's nothing as powerful as the MikroTik's Router OS. 

As your mast has multiple sectors, the SINR figure can fluctuate depending on the load of the other sectors.  When the other sectors as transmitting, some of the signal can reach you from reflections off buildings, hills, etc. causing interference, a bit like ghosting in the analogue TV days.  Other types of interference can cause this also, such as spark plugs in petrol cars and lawn mowers (affects digital TV also).  As you are picking up over a long distance, there could be all sorts of potential interference along the path.  You can try tilting up the dish a few degrees (avoiding dropping the RSRP by more than 1 to 2dB) to see if this reduces the interference.  

From looking at the setting screen, I'm not sure if there's anything worth adjusting.  I wouldn't adjust the bridge settings as some of those are for VLAN, which likely would break the connection.  

I saw someone mention on the Myce forum that their Windows 10 PC also randomly BSOD's when using it as a hotspot, so seems like a bug in the WLAN driver when running in Hotspot mode.  So at least it's unlikely a hardware issue.  Wink
I had a lot of spiking at peak time again, spent most of the night messing around with MTU and other settings ... I came across this TCP optimizer thing. I also tried a few things like removing the reserved bandwidth limit windows does , specifically :
I got about a 10 mbps improvement in download from the last 2 nights using these tweaks:

Wasn't able to hit 50/60 mbps the last few nights but when I did these changes it did help a bit and I did break the mark... could just be a fluke too but a 20% limit on connection by windows is quite a lot.
I tried changing the TTL as well , not really sure how it works , but apparently it was a legitimate way to bypass throttling by verizon when hotspotting or something, it said there was no harm changing it so I tried that as well incase.
I also noticed like , I'd ping googles dns server and i'd get 50-70ms average in cmd with 1300-1492 mtu, I suddenly just dropped it to 1000 mtu to try it out and I got like a consistent 40-50. I'm not sure why it seems to affect it quite abit but i'm still trying to find all the right settings.
I was actually having pretty severe lag spikes at one point , I also still appear to have the same intermittent spiking in discord when using voice chat, it goes to like 300 ms and voices becoming robotic every few seconds. Don't remember having this issue before.
When it works, its amazing, much better than i'd ever get before, its just trying to iron out these lag spikes and other small issues to perfect it is what i'm struggling with now.

Another thing about the 4G+ between two band 3 cells... I got this reply when enquiring about it ... kind of sad about that. 4G+ on those two would be nice. I guess I cant get around this. if there was a way of getting the same signal as the mikrotik but that is capable of non contigous intra band ca. idk.. Big Grin

"Used frequency sub-bands, used by H3G in your neighbourhood, are not contigous (i.e. there's a gap between both sub bands). And @uldis wrote that R11e-LTE6 doesn't support non-contigous intra-band CA.

So, no, there's no way of making R11e-LTE6 work the way it would suit you the best as the hardware can't do it."

Its interesting how you're able to get such speeds on that band 20 tower off-peak (few posts back). I was never able to break to 20-30 mark with with any of the setups I had in the past.
One other thing I was wondering in regards to how those repeaters work (bought one a while ago never really set it up properly, still laying around)
say for example, I bought a repeater and an antenna that supported band 3, If it picked up a similar band 3 signal I get with the mikrotik, when they "amplify" the signal, would it improve the band 3 speed that I get atm? or how does that work. never understood it.
And an update to the hotspotting issue on windows 10. I just reinstalled the most recent driver I could find by my wireless card and it seems to be much more stable now, no bsod's yet. I was scared it was my PSU having problems again because before it was just randomly cutting power completely without any bsod even, bought a new extension lead and it seemed to fix it , was a weird one. stock speeds i9 9900k and 2080 Ti.
I'm not sure if those TCP optimiser tweaks from Windows XP would have much effect in Windows 10.  That sure goes back some time. Wink   However, it appears that 20% limit has actually increased to 80% in Windows 10:

This bandwidth usage should only occur when Windows is actively downloading updates, although gobbling 80% is a bit greedy particularly if it causes something streaming to drop-out or occurs during video conferencing, etc.  Then again, back in the dial-up days I remember constantly trying out all sorts of tweaks.  Between 2003 and 2005, I used satellite assisted Internet, which is basically where data comes in over satellite using a cheap ordinary satellite dish, LNB and PCI satellite tuner and the upload traffic goes over a 56k or ISDN modem. 

Initially I used a file fetch service where I could submit a FTP or HTTP link and it would give a time slot to leave my PC on (usually overnight) for the fetched file to be delivered over satellite.  I had a 1GB per month allowance.  Later on I switched to an Italian satellite ADSL provider that used the dish to provide the Internet connection, using the modem for uploading (I think 2003-2005).  The speed was 300Kbps and I had a 1.5GB per month allowance, which I found plenty at the time.  Very different to today... Big Grin

I am not sure how dropping the MTU to 1000 now gives a consistent 40-50 ping, unless you mean while uploading/downloading.  A regular ping sends out a 32 byte payload (+28 bytes = 60 byte packet), so in theory the ping consistency doesn't change regardless of the MTU size.  However, if it's during an upload/download, then that active transfer will be influenced by the MTU size, which in turn can influence the ping times. 

That was an interesting response about the MikroTik band 3+3 carrier aggregation query.  I would not have thought it was limitation of its modem.  If it has a Huawei modem (like the earlier Cat 4 MikroTik), I wonder if the Huawei B525 and later models are also affected.  

As for using a repeater on band 3, technically it is possible if you have the repeater connected directly to the antenna with a very short cable.  A repeater will not transmit any stronger than a router would (for compliance), so if you have the same 10 metre cable, the antenna will emit with no more signal strength than having the router directly attached to the antenna.  As for receiving, it will no doubt give you a stronger signal (RSRP), however, the signal to noise ratios will remain the same as the repeater will amplify whatever the antenna picks up including noise, interference, etc.  Basically the speed will not be any better.  In fact, you would need two band 3 repeaters for both antennas to provide MIMO, otherwise it will cut your download speed in half. 

That's great getting the Windows 10 Hotspot issue fixed.  Your system is way more powerful than mine. Cool   Then again, I just mainly pass the time watching technical videos on YouTube, tinkering with the antennae/router (running lots of speed tests), answering e-mails and just do the occasional photo and video editing.
Yeh idk how I used to live off of the 60GB plan in the past, I used to think it was enough now I go through hundreds of gigs a month Big Grin . I had a look a satellite but by the looks of it, they're super high in orbit so i'd assume ping would be useless for gaming, also they all had pathetic data caps and throttling. No good for me. mobile broadband like 3G/4G seems to be the only option here. too bad vodafone seem to be out of range for some reason, their network is definitely going to be lighter than three's , I remember testing their band 20 in the past and getting 50 mbps at peak time on a mobile phone just a bit out the road, higher up. but for some reason now I dont get signal at all, wonder what made them reduce the range limit. Ill put the sim back in the b525 and see if I can get anything with it in the shed , slightly closer to the mast, worth a try.
The TCP thing works on all windows versions, its explains what it does on the official site, theres guides on youtube with what settings to use etc. I tested it a few times, applying the "windows default" option, and then applying the optimal tweak settings. It does make a difference for me ... I noticed about 20ms improvement in ping and around 10 mbps in download speeds mainly off-peak time. At peak time the download difference isn't really noticeable.

From their site:

"[TCP Optimizer 4 (latest stable release that works with Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2012 Server, etc.)
Details: The TCP Optimizer is a free, easy Windows program that provides an intuitive interface for tuning and optimizing your Internet connection. There is no installation required, just download and run as administrator.
The program can aid both the novice and the advanced user in tweaking related TCP/IP parameters in Windows, making it easy to tune your system to the type of Internet connection used. The tool uses advanced algorithms, and the bandwidth*delay product to find the best TCP Window for your specific connection speed. It provides for easy tuning of all related TCP/IP parameters, such as MTU, RWIN, and even advanced ones like QoS and ToS/Diffserv prioritization. The program works with all current versions of Windows, and includes additional tools, such as testing average latency over multiple hosts, and finding the largest possible packet size (MTU).
The TCP Optimizer is targeted towards broadband internet connections, however it can be helpful with tuning any internet connection type, from dialup to Gigabit+ Smile"]

Still having the issue with discord and stuff, I'm not sure why theres such instability in the ping, theres always a lot of jitter and deviation in the ping tests, ping for example on 2100 Mhz 3G was really good on the LOG's, 20-30ms whereas on the mikrotik the ping goes from 40 and can spike over 100 even off-peak , I guess that 3G network was essentially not being used much at all. It doesn't make sense either because I'd get better ping on worse signal with the LOG's on band 3, with less jitter and inconsistency. Basically only two issues, ping stability and fluctuating upload , like usually only happens around peak time, so probably nothing I can do about that part. Otherwise the upgrade was better than it ever was , theres always some problem though Big Grin
I will give TCP Optimizer another go. Smile 

This evening I tried some band locking experimenting with the Nighthawk.  As with the Huawei B525, the far away mast will not let me connect if I lock to 3 or 1 only.  However, I did notice something odd about choosing band 20+3 or band 20+1 - The speed I got on Vultr was only about 2/3rd of what it could achieve with no band locking.

So with the M1 up in the loft skylight, I telnetted into it from my laptop and checked the status from there just to see whether Three was using any other temporary band.  Well, I got a very different surprise...


Triple carrier aggregation! Cool

I'm still waiting on the TS9 adapters as I would love to see what this combination can pull.  Just a pity it will only last until the Covid lockdown ends.

Just a thought to try whenever you have a few hours to spare for that Satellite dish:  If you have an unlocked 4G+ android phone handy, put your Three SIM into it, install the App "Network Signal Info" and tape the phone to the satellite dish LNB holder.  This should help you aim the dish as you'll be able to watch the phone screen as you aim the dish about.  In 4G+ mode, tThe App shows all the band readings simultaneously like the screenshot I posted a while back.
I didnt know you could do triple carrier aggregation :O I cant pick up that band 1 here sadly, how far do you think you are from the mast? I'm quite far I think like going by maps , if its arranmore its almost 14 KM away but I guess I have somewhat line of sight from being high up on the hills and pointing towards the island. I ordered the same ts9 adapters when buying the vodafone thing so i'll always have them incase I try something in the future, handy to have.

And plenty of time to test it , its laziness more than anything Big Grin bit of a pain to get the dish on the tree and have something to mount it to etc but im going to give it a try too, as well as trying to get vodafone to work. I rooted my S7 and its unlocked as well so I should have nice permissions and features for cellular info apps. , i actually messed up the settings somehow when playing around with mtu, i think i lowered it to 500 then the router stopped responding completely, wouldnt let me get back into settings manually / unplugging + plugging back in didnt help so i had to go climb the tree at 3 in the morning to hold the reset button Big Grin  the bonus is i span it around to face me so I could unplug the cable easier and i just turned it back to a rough area of where it was aiming, gained an extra db in signal, down to -100 RSRP now so that was nice.

A weird but interesting finding I had, my CAM software for my fans for the PC was causing some issues with ping and I had no idea, I just had a look inside resource monitor in windows and found it had a bunch of send/receive data ,,, and I noticed this in the past and its apparently normal, but anyway, I was playing modern warfare and I had about 70-100+ ping as usual the last few nights, began rubberbanding everywhere so I tabbed out and  killed the CAM service and the ping went down to a more consistent 47-60.  Have a look at this, really weird, looking forward to tmoro to test streaming as well to see if it was also affected. I tried replicating it in ping tests but it wasn't noticeable but for some reason in the game it made a huge difference.

Extra post on why the band 3 carrier aggregation didnt work :

Would be nice if you could just stick the fancy router u have into the mikrotik and getting triple carrier aggregation or even ca between the 2 band 3 cells which the LTE6 doesnt support in their setup which is unfortunate.

2nd Update : 
It would almost appear like three began throttling the upload after 8pm , i completely lost bandwidth and have been unable to get past 5 mbps for last few hours on either 4G+ or singular band 3 mode, also tried cell locking to another band 3 mast and it was fine it just doesnt work for my needs  cuz it has the  ping spiking issue even worse.  It was never stuck below 10 until now. it' always finishes around 4.7-4.9 but never over on the 15 mhz cell but the 20 Mhz cell is unaffected.

Like this:

Kind of weird how its always around the same upload, would make you think it is capped. I tried rebooting few times, reconnecting with 4G+ etc, same result, maxes out at 4.9 and will not go over 5.
Would be a disaster if they did start capping the upload, it was always hitting at least 10 , now it will not go over 5mbps no matter what I do, really odd... Also the speeds in general come to a crawl at 10pm every time now like clockwork.
I did the first 2 speed tests in the imgur link just before 10 and they were 20+ mbps down at least, after 10 I started getting 4-7.
Update: As of 3pm today, the  upload issue remains on the 15 Mhz Band 3 cell ... not having much luck with internet lately, I did some speedtests, like this one last night at peak time in particular on the 15 mhz cell was abysmal :

Band 3 15 Mhz upload :
Band 3 15 Mhz + Band 20 4G+ :

Band 3 20 Mhz upload:
Band 3 20 Mhz + Band 20 4G+ :

Usually the 15 Mhz cell was always faster than this 20Mhz one as well on both the uplink and downlink... now this is no longer the case as of yesterday.
Theres basically no difference on either, The download doesn't seem to change and seems about the same, I even got a 47+ mbps result with the 15 Mhz cell in 4G+ but the upload was below 5, its usually never below 10  so I'm not sure what the issue is, whether capped speeds or not... as for signal readings, RSRQ + SINR etc, they seem no different , still getting poor results with -9 RSRQ and 13 SINR and  it stays positive off-peak , this value usually degrades at peak time to like -13 RSRQ at worst and -1 SINR up and down between being  -1 and a positive number. Frustrating to say the least. 

I'm going to try tilting the mikrotik up abit and doing upload speedtests now to see if it makes difference to anything since theres nothing that I know of that could be causing this upload bandwidth loss other than some kind of cap.
Edit: I didn't see your reply until I posted this.

This Nighthawk MR1100 router will do up to 4x carrier aggregation: 

I certainly did not expect it to go into 3x mode on Three as I've only ever seen my HTC U11 phone (also CAT 16) do dual carrier aggregation using bands 20+3 or 3+3 and more recently 20+1 or 3+1.  While I did occasionally see my phone show 20+3+1, this lasted just a few seconds, dropping down to 20+3 or 20+1, whereas the Nighthawk keeps the connection to all three.

I'm not sure how accurate this, but whenever I talk about the far away mast, it's pretty far: Wink

Three increased the range limit of some of its band 20 masts as I was not able to connect to it before February.  Before then, it was an annoying source of interference as there is only about 45 degrees of separation between it and our local mast.  When it first went live in 2018, I could not pick up our local 4G mast until I finally got the 1m long highly directional 800MHz LOGs that I continue using to this day.  That mast still heavily interferes with our 3G signal.      

I reckon it's on the Ox Mountains as I had no problem picking up FreeDAB during its test transmission before it went offline in February.  From what I've herad, their Sligo mux is on that mountain.  I also have a large Yagi band 3 VHF antenna to set up someday and a sensitive DAB radio to mod for it.

Definitely hold on to the TS9 adapters as it seems like most new routers are switching to TS9 antenna terminals. 

Big whoops on the MTU size - Definitely don't go too low!   Big Grin 576 is the minimum the MTU can go for connectivity, however, try keeping it as high as you can before you notice latency/jitter spikes.  Going by this on StackExchange, there is 40 bytes of TCP/IP overhead within the MTU and 38 bytes of layer 1/2 overhead, i.e. an 1500 byte MTU gives 1460 bytes of payload and consumers 1538 bytes of bandwidth, giving 94.9% efficiency.  Recalculating with a 1300 byte MTU gives 94.2% efficiency.  If the 576 byte MTU works, that calculates to 87.3% efficiency.  So if you were getting let's say 50Mbps with an MTU of 1500, you would get 49.6Mbps with a 1300 byte MTU or 46Mbps with a 576 byte MTU, assuming no retransmissions or other issues.

I'm glad Ireland is not like Poland's mess with the spectrum division.  I wonder how they even ended up with those strange awkward 2MHz, 7MHz, etc. divisions here and there.  Confused

I'm surprised the CAM software is causing the latency to spike that high with it appearing to use less than 1Mbps in your resource monitor screenshot, unless it's making the occasional large multi-MB upload. 

Just thinking of your idea of upgrading the router in the dish, I remember back in the early days of 4Gs some people were using just an ordinary USB dongle in place of the LNB.  I reckon this would work with the Nighthawk as it's no larger than MikroTik's module in their dish, showing here next to a CD case:

Besides weather-proofing against sun, rain, spiders, etc, one issue with this idea is the router is omni-directional.  This means that when it transmits, just a portion of the signal hits the dish.  If you get a chance to try the dish with your phone, that would make a good simulation as you can try running speed tests with the phone at the LNB holder.   

I have noticed that same upload speed cap issue you mention occasionally.  When it occurs, the speed usually returns back to normal around midnight, so hopefully your full upload speed has returned.  In my case each time occured, the speed is restricted to 6Mbps and can either of my Three SIMs (broadband and phone).  I don't think it's based on usage as there was one day I uploaded about 50GB of photos to pCloud and no noticeable change in upload speed afterwards that day.
It says 68.507 meters on that screenshot, is it 68 km away?! seems really far, I thought I was bad at 14km Big Grin. Vodafone should take a leaf out Three's book and increase their band 3 mast max distance limit as well so I can finally test their network out  Confused
I'd love to see what speeds you actually get with the triple CA , especially the 2100 Mhz , 1800 Mhz etc. Though if it suffers the same bottle neck my masts seem to have then I suppose the higher frequency won't make too big of an impact? 

I genuinely wonder is it my device thats lacking in some way or is it three's network... the signal strength wouldn't indicated that it is but yeah... Its amazing when it works but i'm almost certain the ping was a lot more stable on band 3 with the LOG's just the upload was much poorer. maybe the mikrotik is more prone to interference or something whereas the LOG's was just lacking the upload. Then again I could be wrong and it's just gotten even worse further into the pandemic. I've been messing around with settings most of the time , found theres an option to increase the CPU frequency from 650 (default) to 750 Mhz under the routerboard tab. Did a few speedtests while changing the frequency and using the max one seemed to give a small boost in download/upload  performance. Its hard to be accurate with just speedtests but from the several tests I did it definitely appeared to have helped a little. Did all the firmware upgrades and stuff as well just incase.

Further MTU testing got me to around 1328 , seems to be good now unless i'm just being trolled by these speedtests and they're all random  Dodgy probably going insane at this point trying to squeeze every bit of performance I can out of this thing Big Grin 

The CAM software I forgot to mention was constantly sending around 1MB 24/7 when its open. it was affecting my latency in the game, bit of a weird one. Found a lot of people complaining about "data mining" and how some guy had a crazy figure of like 22 GB used by it when all it's meant for is controlling your hardware.

The MR1100 looks really small , it'd be perfect size for going on the dish if it'd work that way.  but yeah waterproofing it all sounds like a bit of a hassle too. 
I wonder if theres a similar device that's like a panel directional that would sit on it that way  , actually, is it better to have an omni directional antenna thats  mounted to the dish or is it better to have a focused narrow beam for signal/throughput? In my head at least I'd think the omni directional one would get more of the signal waves but i'm not really sure how all that worksBig Grin. The dish I have is apparently like 24-27 dbi gain? the big 80cm one I mean, I wonder what kind of performance i'd get on band 3 if I managed to line it up. I'll go stick a sim in my phone now and see what I can do with the dish. Galaxy S7 if thats good enough. Another random idea, what if I literally just placed the big 80cm dish behind the mikrotik so its kind of in the center, would that do anything?

And update to the speed: I cell locked the the 20 Mhz cell because it's better for upload, I've already memorized most of the commands for that already so that's nice. Did some slight re-aiming of the mikrotik, getting around 10-14 up but the download is abysmal on the 20Mhz cell @7pm already. 

The 15 Mhz cell has better download but suffering from some kind of upload block, won't go over 5 still even earlier today. and I think both suffer the ping deviation and jitter quite severely, 10-20ms Jitter.

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