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Iskra antenna set and Huawei router

First of all I would like to thank you for the nice and techy forum!

Thanks to it last summer I decided to buy Iskra Antenna set P-60 5G 7003800 . I used it together with Huawei B315s-22 . It produced great approvement of coverage 4 out of 5 bars network. I got 30Mbits download speed vs around 3-3.5Mbps upload speed when both antennas are connected. If only first antenna is chosen over the web UI the download speed is devided by 2 - around 13-14mbits

All was fine until I decided to request new service, for which they provide telecom's equipment - Huawei B311-221. I didnt't notice that the back of it has only 1SMA connector for external antenna.

I checked over internet and specially found over AliExpress for SMA Male to Dual SMA Female Connector Splitter 50ohm RG316 Coax Cable Y Type Extension Cord.

My question is if I use such splitter to connect to it both antennas, will it combine both antenna speeds as when connected separately?

Thank you!
Unfortunately, the Huawei B311-221 is a lower end router compared to the B315a-22 that you were using. I'm surprised they still offer it as Huawei has since discontinued the router. Compared to your B315s-22, it indeed has just one SMA port and one Ethernet port and I cannot see any useful feature it offers over the B315 as its 4G band capabilities are the same.

If your B315s-22 still works, I suggest using it with the new service. If it s network locked and your new service is a different provider, it is worth trying to get an unlock code from your old provider. Otherwise if you are still with your current network operator, you might be able to cancel the new service if you are in a cooling off period.

The Y-shape coaxial splitter is intended to split a signal antenna between two SMA ports. However, it does not offer any speed improvement compared to two separate antennas. Similarly, attaching the two antennas into one SMA port will not perform as well as two separate antenna inputs. When you attach an antenna to the B311, it uses an internal antenna for MIMO, just like attaching a single antenna to the B315.

As an upgrade router, I suggest trying to get either the Huawei B535 or the B818. This B535 features 4G+, band 28 support, better 802.11ac Wi-Fi and gigabit Ethernet ports. The B818 has even better 4G+ carrier aggregation capabilities. Both the B535 and B818 have two antenna ports, although the B818 would need SMA to TS9 adapters to attach the antenna leads.
What to say Seán , it is the largest Bulgarian telecom . The service is called Mobix and is Internet for remote areas. It locks you to one cell and if you want to change it and use it in another location, you need to submit for relocation and you are taxed for it.

They have started to offer B311-221 since September last year. Nothing surprises me.

They used before 4G HUAWEI ROUTER B535-232 but don't have it anymore in the stores. I talked to the manager and he will try to provide me with one returned from customer.

Mine B315s-22 is unlocked. The problem is that the Mobix SIM card is somehow locked to the provider equipment B311-221 with the custom firmware (sn/imei?).
As far as I know you can't use it in other device. I have access to the WEB UI. There is some profile inside the B311-221 inside the settings but there is password and can't see it.

I guess I can't save ? or transfer all profile/settings? from B311-221 to B315s-22 ?
That sure is a step backwards on their router change, like they managed to get a good deal of some old stock of B311's from somewhere.

It is well worth trying to get the Huawei B535, even if it's a returned router. At least that will let you attach both antenna leads as well as possibly get faster speed if they use 4G+ (multiple bands) in your area.

In the meantime, it's worth trying the SIM in your Huawei B315 to see if it can make a connection. Copy the APN settings as shown in the B311. For the password, try what's in the username field, e.g. if the username is VIVACOM, enter VIVACOM for the password. If it fails to connect, then it's possibly IMEI locked.

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