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Optimal Antenna to complete 4X4 MIMO setup Chateau 5G
I found a yt channel in italian about modding mikrotik devices, he referenced your post about the chateau 5G for modding it here
The chances Big Grin
That sure was an interesting find, thanks for mentioning. I would not have expected to see it featured in an Italian video. Smile

The next time I'm travelling with someone to Donegal, I'll try taking it with using 4 SMA rabbit ear antennas. I have two from my old Huawei B525 plus the two the Chateau 5G came with, so should be able to operate it in the car using a DC 12V power supply. I basically want to check if it works on Eir 5G before my data bundle expires as Eir appears to have a band n3 5G mast near Mountcharles.

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