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New ePoynting aerial
Hi Sean,
Poynting have a new e version of the XPOL2 which allows you to mount a router in the aerial box. Obviously cuts RF cable losses. Of cousre in the example they use, it's a 15m cable which is never used, most are 5m. Says the 15m loss is 8dB.

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That is an interesting new antenna. From looking at the technical specifications, it provides 4x4 MIMO (directional) and dual band 2x2 MIMO Wi-Fi (omni-directional) in the one antenna, so it's effectively 2 x XPOL-2-5G's in the one antenna. I wonder what the cost will be like.

The router enclosure space is too small to enclose most domestic routers. However, it should be able to accommodate the bare PCB from the Chateau LTE12 or 5G, which is much smaller than the Chateau casing, as shown here. There are various screw mounting positions, so it likely possible to directly mount the PCB inside, depending on the screw hole spacing. In this scenario, it would be just a matter of running u.fl to male pigtails directly from the modem to the antenna's 4 SMA ports. Technically, it should be possible to also connect two of the modem ports (e.g. A5 and A7) to the Wi-Fi ports to get 4x4 MIMO across both 4G and 5G with the Chateau 5G PCB. Going by the spec, the Wi-Fi ports have about 4-6dBi gain across the 3.6GHz band.

As the antenna has four SMA ports inside, it would also be useful for those who want to run their own SMA leads indoors. For example, the user could run short leads into the attic or longer leads down to the ground floor without having to use extensions. As the antenna does 4x4 MIMO, it would look neater than 2 x XPOL-2-5G's and just needs a basic outdoor TV antenna mounting pole.

Indeed, where a 5m cable run is all one needs, the only advantage to mounting the router outside would be to reuse an existing Ethernet cable run (e.g. from a previous FWA ISP) or to avoid drilling two holes through the outside wall for two cable runs.

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