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Mikrotik LHGG LTE6 - Modem update
Hi Guys,
For anyone that has an LHGG LTE6 or possibly (LHG LTE6) and don't get decent speeds.
The latest couple of ROS and modem firmware releases seem to have improved performance greatly (for me at least on the EIR network).

Up until today I was using Router OS v7.1rc5 with Modem f/w V028 Which gave a pretty decent 45Mb/s down and 30Mb/s up. (Single band 3).(CA didn't work well with these firmware versions)

Previously Modem f/w V027 and the stable channel of ROS was only giving me 35Mb/s down and 30Mb/s up  (band 3 + b20 CA)

Today I upgraded the LTE Modem to V029, (still using Router OS v7.1rc5) and straight away my download speed went up to 70Mb/s and same 30Mb/s upload.
I have never seen those speeds here with the LHGG LTE6.
Carrier aggregation now also work properly again.

Worth a try if you have one of these units.
That's great they finally fixed the carrier aggregation, although they sure took a long time. I wonder if it also fixes the intermittent latency spikes that a few also reported.

I still have the older LHG LTE4 somewhere in the loft, which is not CA capable.
I have two of them I no longer use, they were horrible performance wise and completely unusable for gaming. Bought the second one to rule out a hardware issue but they both had the same problems... So many issues, I might hook them up and update them and sell them both. What would you sell them for do you think?
I was unable to find any sold listings for the lte6 model and just a few used listings from Latvian sellers with a massive delivery charge. As it's selling for about €150 new (on EuroDK), I suggest listing them priced a little lower, especially as they are in like-new condition. If there are no offers, you can drop the price by €10 every week or two.

Another option would be to try selling them off locally, especially if you know anyone considering getting 4G broadband or an antenna.

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