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Mikrotik LHGG LTE6 - Modem update
(10/02/2023, 11:04 PM)chrisshan Wrote:
(10/02/2023, 03:22 PM)waveguide Wrote:
(08/02/2023, 11:42 AM)Meritez Wrote:
(07/02/2023, 02:12 PM)waveguide Wrote: I installed it into an LHGG-LTE6 which has the gigabit port. It has been working well since. I was looking at the Cat 18 LHGG, but I think I will wait until there is a 5G model available. (Whenever that is)

The LHGG-LTE18 has an m.2 slot and a R11mL-EG18-EA, this could be replaced with the R11mL-RG502Q-EA or similar

RM500U-CN looks tempting:

Yeah, that would be a nice replacement in an LHGG. Are you going to buy one and test it out for us? Smile  The EM12-G I have installed is doing quite well. I couldn't justify changing it for a while.  I am not even sure my local mast has 5G enabled on it yet.  I don't understand why Mikrotik haven't released an LHGG device with 5G yet?

I've got a LHGG and want to order an RM502Q for 229usd or the RM520N for 205usd. would have it in a few weeks and will post my results. can't decide which modem to buy, anyone got a preference?
What 4g and 5g bands are in your area?

It's been ordered but not shipped ?
(22/11/2022, 09:15 PM)Seán Wrote: The EP06-E arrived, taking exactly 3 weeks from the date of ordering on AliExpress.  Installing it however was more tedious than I anticipated, but at least it works. Big Grin 


Sean, out of the 3 coxial points on the EP06-E, which 2 did you use? On my EP06-E i have M1 D2/G and D1.. I've got AUX and MAIN on the R11e-LTE... Can you help with the correct setup?

[Image: tPHID5.jpg]

btw, the lhg is on ros 7.7, and not showing automatically. did you need to run something or how did you get alien modem to show? NOTE: I had to restore to factory defaults for it to show. 

[Image: ut42cK.jpg]

Sidenote: running my EP06-e on this firmware, is this the latest? If not where would i source and what is best way to flash it?
I used the M1 and D1 coaxial connections. The D2/G appears to be for GPS only, which is not required.

With mine, the modem automatically appeared when I manually updated the MikroTik firmware. I cannot remember if I performed a factory reset, however, I never had any configuration other than the APN as I just used the LHG for testing purposes.

When I last tried with the LHG about a month ago during a test set up, I recall it saying that the Router OS firmware utility does not support this modem, so I think the firmware can only be updated a PC using a USB to M.2 adapter. I don't have one, so mine is still on the original factory firmware.
DFOTA firmware does exist for the ep06:

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