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Setting up the TP-Link Archer MR600 with GoMo / Eir simplicity
The TP-Link 4G routers are popular alternatives to the Huawei mobile broadband routers, mainly due to their low cost.

While they are preconfigured to work with most mobile broadband SIMs, this configuration will not work with many voice SIMs as most mobile providers use a different APN for voice SIMs.  With GoMo and Eir simplicity, their 4G network requires the correct APN and the SIM PIN set.

If you have an unlocked mobile phone handy, I recommend putting the SIM card into it to remove the SIM PIN (Andriod Settings -> Security -> Advanced -> SIM Card lock), then make sure the SIM's data works fine on the phone before placing in the router.
These steps are based on helping a few people out who asked for help on my blog:
  1. Log into your TP-LINK router web interface.
  2. Go into the Advanced tab at the top.
  3. If you disabled the SIM PIN using a mobile phone, skip to step 7.
  4. On the left, go into Network -> Pin Management
  5. Tick both 'PIN Lock' and 'Auto-unlock PIN:'
  6. Enter your SIM pin # and click 'Save'.
  7. On the left, go into Network -> Internet
  8. Click 'Create Profile' at the bottom.
  9. Enter the following:
    Profile name: GoMo Internet
    PDP Type: IPv4
    APN Type: Static
    Username & Password: (Leave blank)
    Authentication Type: None
    Click 'OK'
  10. In the Profile Name drop-down, choose "GoMo Internet"
  11. Click 'Save'.
Please note that the APN settings are only for connecting to data.  If the router is having rouble with getting a signal or is not switching to 4G mode, then this is a coverage or interference issue.

If the above settings still do not connect, try following the steps above again, but enter "" for the APN field in step 9.
Go raibh maith agat Sean-Thank you Sean. I tried your solution on an Archer MR200 and Yipeee - Colm

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