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MikroTik Chateau LTE12 issues
Hi Sean, I have 2 MikroTik Chateau LTE12

have come across few issues.

Got faster download speeds on a Huawei 525,  around 30 Mbps v 20

A Tenda Nova mesh box which works plugged into a Huawei 525 will not work plugged into a MikroTik. TV and laptop work ok wired into the Mikrotik.

A GoMo sim will only work 3G on one Mikrotik. A 3 sim is fine. Same APNs in both. Only difference is OS v 7 and v7.1 in one 4G not work.
The primary Tenda Nova mesh node likely needs to be reconfigured. Go into the Tenda App -> Settings (bottom right icon) -> Internet Settings -> Connection Type. Select "Bridge". If this doesn't work or it was already set to Bridge, try DHCP.

There is an APN bug in one of the beta releases that causes the MikroTik to use the default network APN instead of the specified one. I suggest updating its firmware. Alternatively, you can try entering the following commands from the terminal to set the APN not to use the network APN:

/interface lte apn add name="GoMo" apn="" use-network-apn=no

/interface lte set lte1 apn-profiles="GoMo"

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