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Comreg bans external broadband aerials?
Saw this on a website when looking for a Poynting  XPOL-2 
30/09/2020 Update:
We have been notified by Comreg that under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1926, these antennas are not licenced to be used in The Republic of Ireland for the purposes of connecting into a mobile modem.
Hence we are only permitted to sell this item to users who confirm that they do not intend to use this antenna in Ireland

Do you know anything about this Sean? They can still be bought outside of Ireland.

Would there be much loss with a 10M cable v the 5M on the above aerial, 10m just suits the house layout better.

when would you go for a LOG v a panel antenna?


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Comreg bans external broadband aerials? - by Patrick - 15/10/2020, 10:33 AM

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