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Opening ports - Patrick - 14/12/2023

Got this from person I extended internet to shed where they installed solar panels. They got this from the installer.

Your router isn't sending all the information to the cloud. Could you ask your provider
I updated the whole device. Please check the system for a few days if there is still network interruption:
the below ports are blocked on the router.
they need to ask your router provider to release the ports in both directions.
The following ports are used:
27250, 27251, 2121, 2122, 50000-51000, 55000-56000, 8080, 10000– 12000

They have a 4G Huawei router with Vodafone. I can probably look up how to do this, but is there security issues with opening the ports?


RE: Opening ports - Seán - 14/12/2023

Unfortunately Vodafone operates 4G with a Carrier-Grade NAT, which is not possible to open incoming ports or to set up port forwarding. Those ports should be open on the outgoing direction, unless they were manually blocked with a firewall rule.

From what I'm aware of Three is the only 4G provider that still offers a public IP address (which allows opening incoming ports) on its bill pay mobile broadband plans, however, this needs to be requested through their customer support after signing up.

RE: Opening ports - Patrick - 18/12/2023

Thanks Sean