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Huawei GUI or Netgear login will not open? It might be your Antivirus - Seán - 04/05/2020

I have often noticed that whenever my Three 4G connection went down, I could not open the web interface of my Huawei B525 on my PC.  This affects Firefox, Chrome and Edge, which just endlessly shows a blank page with the status "Connecting to".  Turning off/on the router generally solved the issue - The internet came back and I could access the web interface again. 

When I got a new Netgear Nighthawk MR1100 (M1) router, I ran into a similar issue.  It would display the header of the web interface, but not the login screen.  However, this did not affect my laptop or my phone, so I used my laptop to configure the Netgear.  Once it was online, I noticed I could access the web interface fine on my PC, ... until I changed a setting that knocked out the Internet connection.  

After trying a process of elimination on my PC turning different start-up applications off/on, I found Bitdefender Antivirus to be the culprit.  With its Protection Shield temporarily turned off, I could access the Nighthawk's web interface fine while the Internet was disconnected and the same also with the Huawei B525.  This issue has also been on-going with the B525 since before doing a clean Windows 10 installation on my PC as I have been using Bitdefender previously also.  My laptop has a different Antivirus, which explains why it was unaffected.  

Demo of Bitdefender blocking the router's web interface:

I rebooted the MR1100 with my phone's SIM inserted.  This SIM is PIN locked, so the router will remain disconnected until that PIN is keyed in.

Windows detects that the router requires action and brings up this page.  Notice how it shows the header, but no login form.  This also occurs if I try accessing directly:

To temporarily turn off Bitdefender, open up Bitdefender, click the cogwheel icon and click 'Protection':

Turn the Protection Shield Toggle off:

The router's web interface should now appear:

Once finished working with the router's web interface and have Internet access, be sure to turn on the Antivirus again.  Wink