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Equipment and software forum intro - Seán - 17/01/2020

This forum section is intended for discussing things like Wi-Fi access points, smart devices, power supplies, etc.  

A few articles covering some equipment and configuration:

How to configure an unused Eir F2000 router as a Wi-Fi access point
While Eir generally takes back their equipment, in some cases users have managed to hold on to it after switching or disconnecting their phone line. This article covers converting it into a Wi-Fi access point as it provides 802.11ac in addition to 802.11n. 

How to fix slow Wi-Fi on the Eir F2000 (Android / IPv6 DNS issue)
Eir has IPv6 native support on its network, but it has had issues from time to time, leading to IPv6 capable devices stuttering until they fall back to IPv4 connectivity.  This article covers disabling IPv6 on Eir's F2000 router, which is also required to use Smart DNS services. 

A few articles covering software and testing:

Servers that respond to ping requests around the world

A list of servers to run ping tests against.  Command line ping tests are generally more accurate than a browser based test.  You can also perform a trace route against them.  Try that with Ookla. Tongue

Why do all the speed test websites differ, which to use?
The well known Ookla speed test is built for the ISPs and tries to measure the "best case" scenario by filtering out some dips during the test.  This article goes into detail on how some of the major speed test sites work.  I mainly use for troubleshooting as it's about as real world as it gets, i.e. simulates a stopwatch test against specific block sizes to calculate the speed. 

How to convert DOC to DOCX without compressing images
If you have some old Word documents (with .doc extension) and need to extract the original images, this article covers how to convert it to .docx without Word recompressing the images as it usually does when converting to the newer .docx format.

Audio Video Sync, Alignment & Latency Test
A few video clips I made to test the latency between audio and video.  This is useful when troubleshooting lip sync issue, particularly with Bluetooth and wireless speakers.  

How to convert MBps to IOPS or calculate IOPS from MB/s
With hard disks, throughput and seek time were figures to look out for.  With SSDs, 4K IOPS is an important figure.  Some reviews mention 4K performance in MB/s, so this article covers how to convert between Mbps and IOPS with random 4KB sectors.  

I suggest checking the TestMy forum to see if it's worth posting your question there instead.