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  Three Band 1
Posted by: chrisshan - Yesterday, 07:22 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (1)

Anyone notice issues with Three's band 1 in the past month give or take?  Wereby ive a few sites setup in mutiple locations around South of Ireland where db would have been -90 would now be well over -100's and forcing to switch to band 3? TIA... Are there new bands i should be on the hunt for now instead?

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  Xiaomi CPE 5G Pro review
Posted by: Confusion - 18/06/2024, 01:03 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - No Replies


Xiaomi 5G CPE Pro modem/router

Model: CB0401V2

Current price: €230 + shipping. Ebay.

18 June 2024

Apart from a few vague reviews on Amazon, there is very little information available about the Xiaomi CPE 5G Pro on the usual forums. I decided to post my own review here. Hopefully, this will be of use to anyone who is thinking about buying one of these 5G routers.


Appearance and design
The Xiaomi CPE 5G Pro (hereafter referred to simply as the Xiaomi) is a tower-style device. It has a plain and simple appearance. To me, it looks like a miniature pedal bin. At around 1400g, it feels quite heavy compared to similar models from other brands. The base has a large diameter of 118mm, so it should be less prone to tipping over. As I bought the unit from a German eBay seller, it came supplied with a European two-pin power plug, so a UK to EU adapter is required.

There are a few indicator LEDs on the front for 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi and system status. Thankfully, there are no bling features like ‘ambiance’ lights around the base. On the rear of the unit, you will find the power button, a small hole for the reset button, a covered SIM card slot, two 1Gb Ethernet ports and the 12V DC input socket. Notably absent from this model are: a telephone socket, USB socket and external aerial connectors.

The Xiaomi has a fairly typical list of features for a 4G/5G modem/router. The specs claim the unit has fast Wi-Fi 6 support. I wasn’t able to take full advantage of this because none of the devices on my home network support Wi-Fi 6. The unit has NFC to allow easy ‘one-touch’ connection for Android phones. Either of the two LAN connectors on the back of the unit can be configured as a WAN connection. If I understand correctly, this means the 4G/5G modem can be used as a backup for your fibre or cable connection. The default setting in the web based configuration is: “Wired network preferred, mobile network backup”. The modem also has a bridge mode for direct connection to a PC or another Wi-Fi router. This would be useful if you want to to place the Xiaomi in an optimum location like an attic window or outside in a waterproof enclosure. 

I’m not going to copy and paste the full spec sheet here. The Xiaomi is based on a Qualcomm chip, probably the SD X62. It supports 5G NSA,SA . 4G LTE support is DL Cat19 / UL Cat18.

In the few days I have been using the Xiaomi, it has been stable, reliable and very fast. I live in a City location and the nearest 5G mast is around 700 metres away. I have previously used the Eir GH Telcom branded 5G CPE Pro 3 and a TP-Link 4G MR600 from this location. Download speeds with the Eir unit generally range from 500-800Mbps. Even the humble 4G MR600 manages 150Mbps or more.

I have a Vodafone unlimited data SIM in the Xiaomi router at the moment. Performance has been fast and remarkably consistent, even at peak times or in the early hours of the morning. 5G download speeds have ranged from 550-900Mbps, upload speeds have generally been over 100Mbps. At the quietest times of day, some tests on showed download speed over 900Mbps, which is close to the maximum for the 1Gb Ethernet connection between the router and my 12 year old PC.

5G signal stats:
Service provider:vodafone IE
Connection type:5G NSA
Frequency band:B1+B7+B3+B28+n78
Data roaming:Roaming disabled

5G speed test

Setting the Xiaomi to 4G-only mode shows it performs very well as a 4G LTE modem. In this mode, I see download speeds of more than 300Mbps and upload over 50Mbps.

4G signal stats:
Service provider:vodafone IE
Connection type:4G
Frequency band:B1+B7+B3+B28+B20
Data roaming:Roaming disabled

It seems the Xiaomi web interface only reports 4G signal stats. You can find detailed stats for each 4G and 5G band hidden in the system log messages. You will need to dig deep to find them. Be very specific with your search queries: “rsrp_5g”, “snr_5g”, "n78(TDD 3500)" etc....

4G speed test

Power consumption
The unit takes around 7-8W from the mains supply. There have been a few transient peaks up to around 12W. These probably coincide with big downloads or intense Wi-Fi activity. The long -term average is around 7W, about the same as the Huawei CPE Pro3.

Heat dissipation is just enough to keep the top cover slightly warm, but never hot. As far as I can tell, there is no cooling fan in the Xiaomi. Perhaps this explains the unusually heavy weight of the unit. Passive cooling requires a bigger heatsink.

The Xiaomi router is close to an upstairs window with a reasonably good path in the direction of the nearest 5G masts. Wi-Fi range on 2.4GHz is more than adequate to cover all rooms in the house and the front and rear gardens. As you would expect, 5GHz coverage is not quite as good, but still provides adequate coverage throughout the house. We don’t have any Wi-Fi 6 devices in the house. My own OPPO Reno 8 Lite phone could only manage a miserly 326 down, 345 up on 5GHz Wi-Fi. A Samsung A34 did much better at 703 down, 667 up. The test server was OpenSpeedTest running on a local PC with a 1Gb Ethernet connection to the Xiaomi router. 

Wi-Fi test on 5GHz with Samsung A34 phone

Default Wi-Fi and Management passwords are printed on the bottom of the unit.
On my first visit to the Xiaomi configuration page, I was prompted to set a new Management (admin) password. A new firmware update dated March 2024 was available. I allowed this to install before proceeding.
Like most network routers, the CPE 5G Pro has a web-based configuration system. The options are fairly basic. I don’t see any obvious way of locking to specific bands or masts. It is possible to select between “5G preferred” or “4G only” in the mobile network settings. This could be useful if 5G coverage is poor in your area. There are separate settings tabs for Wi-Fi, Network, Security, NAT, LAN, System and Additional. There is a basic SMS message utility provided. I haven’t played with this yet, but I have received a few text messages. Data usage monitoring isn’t available by default, but it can be enabled in the Additional settings tab. I haven’t found it particularly useful. Reported usage is much higher than on the My Vodafone web page . While there is very little information about the system or connected clients, there is a nice feature in the System settings tab for saving system logs. This alow you to download a compressed tarball containing a large number of system logs. Detailed information about each network interface, system uptime, ouput from ps, top and other utilities. Anything you need to know is probably in there, although it might take a while to find it. SSH or Telnet is not available. I did find this in one of the configuration files:


so, it may be possible to enable these features, but only if you know how.

It seems the Xiaomi MiWiFi system is based on OpenWRT and the Luci web interface. I found several references to Luci and OpenWRT in the system logs. The CPE 5G Pro is not on the OpenWRT list of supported devices yet. Hopefully, this may change in future.

Overall, I’m happy with the Xiaomi modem/router. It fits my requirements very well. It is as fast as, or even slightly faster than the Eir / GH Telcom / Huawei 5G CPE Pro 3 that it replaces. So far, it has not crashed or shown any signs of instability. I will post updates here if any problems arise.

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Heart 5G Standalone
Posted by: Shane - 16/06/2024, 10:27 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - No Replies

Hi Guys,

Just wondering, Is there any networks in Ireland that support 5G standalone networking?

I heard Three were working on it but haven't heard anything since.

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  Time for a change of 5G broadband provider
Posted by: Confusion - 13/06/2024, 11:50 AM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (4)

Hello all. 

I have been on Eir 5G broadband for just over two years.  It has been very reliable and the
supplied Huawei modem/router performs very well here in Cork City.  Download speeds
are generally in the 500-800Mbps range

However, the CPI+3% scam has increased the initial €39.99/month to almost €51.
No doubt they would reduce the monthly bill if I was willing to sign up for
another 12 month contract.  Alternatively, I could switch to another provider.
Everybody seems to have a €40ish plan at the moment. 

Buying a new 5G modem and using a prepay SIM seems
like a much better option - lower cost and no contract. 

As I would be saving around €30/month compared to my current arrangement
with Eir, payback time for the cost of a new modem will be months rather
than years.

My intention was to buy a brand new sealed unit without any ISP branding
or ISP bespoke firmware. This removes any question about ownership of
the device and should also prevent any future firmware upgrades from
interfering with it's functionality. Maybe I'm too cautious?.

I was thinking of starting yet another "which modem should I buy?" thread,
but, there are probably enough of those already. Anyway, it seems I don't
have that many options within my budget of around €250. 

Xiaomi CPE 5G Pro or the even cheaper China Unicom VN007+

The VN007+ seems attractive for it's apparent 'hackability', low cost 
and extra Ethernet ports

The Xiaomi seems to offer better performance and a 2 year
warranty if bought in the EU.

Most of the other brands like Huawei, ZTE or Fritzbox are outside
my budget unless I was willing to buy a used or branded unit,
the dreaded "new-other" items on eBay. 

Anyway, I finally made the decision and bought the Xiaomi CPE 5G Pro.

If the forum allows newbies to post reviews, I will write a few
words about it when I have spend a few days playing with it....

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  Tenda MW12 and Powerline Problem
Posted by: Richchad - 30/05/2024, 10:44 AM - Forum: Equipment and Software - Replies (2)

I have already posted on here previously about connecting my existing MW3 mesh to a remote shed via Powerline.

I bought two extra MW3s for the powerline and an additional room and all seemed to be working okay.
However I began to noticed some WiFi levels weren't stable and kept changing so decided to send back the two extra MW3s and bought threee new MW12s as I understood they would give better coverage and were compatible with my existing MW3s.

So today I am trying to set the new MW12 system up and although it seems better coverage and levels still seem to vary but the main problem is the old MW3 I use via Powerline now shows very weak WiFi with the MW12 as primary node, which is odd as it was the only node that stayed stable before with the MW3 set up.

To prove it wasn't something else I removed all the MW12 set up and reconfigured my MW3s again and yes the WiFi in the shed via Powerline is back at 100% WiFi.

So my question is what is different between the MW12 set up to the MW3 set up..

I have spent so much time playing around with this, on the verge of sending the MW12s back and look for something else  Huh

Any help would be appreciated..

Update to my post I have been trying various things and noticed after putting all the MW12 set up back I noticed the MW3 node in the shed via Powerline was showing full WiFi on my wifi phone apps but it wasn't connected to the MW12 configuration, I tried to add it but it kept failing but was still showing max WiFi..?
I then took the MW3 node back into the house where it was accepted in the MW12 configuration but showed either poor on not connected on the Tenda app.
I then took it back to the shed and when I reconnected it via Powerline it showed max WiFi on phone app but poor or not connected on the Tenda app?
It seems it is somehow bypassing the MW12 priority node?  I have the Powerline connected to the LAN 1 of the MW12 Node in the house.
Any ideas?
Sorry about the rather long post.

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  Extend Nova WiFi to remote Shed
Posted by: Richchad - 18/05/2024, 10:22 AM - Forum: Equipment and Software - Replies (5)

I have an existing Tenda Nova MW3 Mesh system in the house, I want to extend the WiFi to a remote shed approximately 100m from the house.
I have a mains electricity supply in the shed connected back to the house.

I was thinking could I connect a Powerline WiFi extender to do this, I assume the Powerline would be connected to the LAN port on my primary Nova unit?

Would this work, has anyone set up anything like this?

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  Testing a bad bot firewall
Posted by: Seán - 17/05/2024, 12:05 AM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

This forum has experienced a massive increase in traffic over the past few months, hitting over 50% my hosting traffic allowance in April.  From looking at the statistics it turned out that the Bytespider bot alone was responsible for over 90% of the traffic and rogue bots making registration attempts and looking for WordPress, Joomla, etc. vulnerabilities making up most of the rest.

To try tackling Bytespider's excessive resource usage, I have installed the Block Bad Bots / 8G Firewall:

If anyone has any issue with the forum, such as viewing posts on a certain device or web browser, you can mention here.

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  Northern Lights on 11th May 2024
Posted by: Seán - 14/05/2024, 10:28 PM - Forum: The Living Room - No Replies

A few pictures I took of the Northern Lights taken here outside Kilcar, Co. Donegal on the 11th May 2024 about midnight.  The last time I saw them vividly was back in 2005. 

These pictures were taken with a Sony DSC-RX100M6 on a tripod, manually focused to infinity.




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  Carrier Aggregation in MVNOs
Posted by: poppy - 11/05/2024, 01:54 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (3)

Hi all, I'm trying to look for a MVNO which supports always on CA please.
Using ZTE MC801A.

So far:
(Not MVNO) Three Mobile Broadband - CA Active always on
Lycamobile using Three - CA Inactive, only on if I do speedtest

I am waiting for the 48 SIM to arrive for testing and please share if you know about other networks too!
I'm curious about GoMo since 48 has 200 GB limit.

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  ZTE MC888 Band Lock
Posted by: ageorgios - 10/05/2024, 04:09 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (1)

Hi I have a ZTE MC888 5G Router
and I have done the javascript hack
and want to lock to this

how to do that? says
LTE BAND 28 - PCI, EARFCN:63,9360
B7 - PCI, EARFCN:63,2850
B3 - PCI,EARFCN:63, 1451
B1 - PCI, EARFCN:63,100
B28 - PCI,EARFCN:63,9360
n1 - PCI:63 - EARFCN:425080

MAIN: B28(@10.0Mhz) CA: B7(@20.0Mhz)+ B3(@20.0Mhz)+ B1(@20.0Mhz)+ B28(@10.Mhz)+ n1

SINR: 13.4dB
NR RSRP:-113dBm

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