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  Old Digiweb Wireless Broadband Flyer
Posted by: Seán - Yesterday, 01:59 PM - Forum: Equipment and Software - No Replies

While my parents cleared out the drawer of their telephone table, they came upon this flyer for Digiweb's defunct wireless broadband service from around 2004:


Back then from around mid 2003 to 2005, we had a satellite assisted dial-up broadband which gave 300Kbps down (via satellite) and 33.6Kbps up (via dial-up modem).  The dial-up service was from the former BT Ireland provider and provided 180 hours of access per month.  The satellite service was a former Italian provider Sat ADSL which provided 300Kbps access with a 1.5GB monthly limit.  It was DIY based requiring an 80cm satellite dish aimed at Hotbird 13E and satellite modem PCI card, which also doubled up as a PC satellite TV tuner while disconnected.  Back then 1.5GB seemed huge and I don't recall ever hitting the monthly allowance.  Likewise with the 180 hour dial-up allowance as it tied up the phone line whenever we connected.

As for Digiweb Wireless, we tried signing up for the service back in 2004, however the engineer was unable to get a signal from our house.  When I visited someone a few months later who had Digiweb's service, I'm glad we were unable to get the service as they said it was barely usable in the evenings. When I tried using their connection and later visited the site that had the Digiweb wireless broadband mast, it turned out they were using satellite backhaul for its wireless broadband in Kilcar.  I think their wireless service ceased in the village around 2006 as the telephone exchange got DSL enabled mid 2005.

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  Eir Prepaid VoLTE and VoWifi
Posted by: EirPerson - 21/09/2023, 06:37 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - No Replies

So, It seems that Eir is bringing VoLTE and VoWifi to all prepaid customers.
Also, They will be bringing Voicemail to their Prepaid platform too!
I think this might mean the beginning of the shutdown of their 3G networks in the following months following behind Vodafone and Three.
I wonder will this lead to an improvement in their 5G speeds, But I'm still unsure at the moment about this.

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  Does Vodafone throttle?
Posted by: fullofquestions - 19/09/2023, 02:42 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (1)

Hi guys, I'm using a Vodafone business sim on my phone and I use hotspot on my phone and connect it to my TV when needed. No need for a router or actual broadband as I'm living alone and don't have many internet-enabled devices apart from the TV. The only signal that works here is Vodafone. Eir & Three is a complete blackspot.

I'm afraid to download updates over my mobile data, or download movies etc. in the fear Vodafone will throttle me.
Has this happened to anyone here in the past? Vodafone throttling business mobile customers? Or any mobile customers in general? For example, say I was to use 10GB a day? I hope this makes sense, I can't find anything online about Vodafone throttling customers apart from the packages that have the 10 MB limit.

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Question TP Link MR6400/GoMo 4g Sim
Posted by: Sc23 - 18/09/2023, 08:55 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (10)


I need help with my 4g router. 

I found an old thread on here from 2020 advising to change APN settings.

I have done this and still have very low download speeds.

All help greatly appreciated  Smile

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  Fibre Rollout now in my area
Posted by: Sunshine - 26/08/2023, 10:33 AM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (2)

Hi there,
Sorry if I am posting in the wrong section/website but I do live in the sticks and looking for some advice. 
I got great advice in the past.  Wink
I use a sim box with a Vodafone sim for getting internet into my house. I have never experienced much trouble with this set up.
I think it went down twice and used my phone with a gomo sim as a hot spot on those occasions.
I work from home full-time so really need 100% reliability.

I had a visit from a Vodafone salesperson this week to say that fibre is now in my area.
They are offering a package for €40 per month and thereafter with 500 mbps download speed.

I was surprised to learn fibre was in my area so did a search on nbi website and my house is listed.

So I am now thinking I should switch to fibre but with which provider?
What are the advantages of this over the current set up with modem?

I ain’t techical minded.  Tongue

We don’t do gaming and only use internet for Netflix and my working from home. I use teams for meeting as well.
Thanks all for advice.

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  MikroTik Chateau 5G AX
Posted by: sca893 - 23/08/2023, 06:05 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (2)

Hello, I'm about to buy a MikroTik Chateau 5G AX router and I would like to use an outside antenna to get better signal. Is it possible to use this antenna "QuPanel 5G/LTE HP MIMO 4x4"? I think I have to make some modification on the Chateau so that I have four sma connectors?

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  H312-371 Issues with Three
Posted by: EI2IXB - 21/08/2023, 03:46 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (2)

Good Evening All,

I have been using three's H312-371 FWA setup for 5G broadband for little over a year but recently it has started to give me issues and every 20 to 30 minutes keeps locking onto 4G bands.

When running without issue it locks onto B20,B77 and N77

But after about 26 minutes it locks to B20 and B77 only and I have two options :

1.) reboot and back to normal
2.) Use LTE H-Monitor and in the radio section set it to lock to Band 20 and Band 43

The mast it connects to does not change and it is 3.4km from my location and the FWA is place on the chimney and almost has LOS.

I have called three 5G tech support and I tried explaining what is going on but the girl simply said she would send an engineer out as I don't think she knew what I was talking about.

These are my current working stats with 5G (3Bars active)

Network: 27202
MCC-MNC: 272-05
TAC-CID: 40803-888582
eNB Id: 3471 (sector 6)
UL: 847.1 MHhz (band b20)
DL: 806.1 MHhz (band b77)
UL 5G: 3750.0 MHhz (band n77)
DL 5G: 3750.0 MHhz (band n77)
Session: 0j 0h 19m

AN IP Address
Wireless transmit power
PPusch:0dBm PPucch:-1dBm PSrs:1dBm PPrach:0dBm
Uplink mod/demod of MCS
Downlink mod/demod of MCS
mcsDownCarrier1Code0:0 mcsDownCarrier1Code1:4

I normally go from 300 megs down to 3 megs most of the day apart from the early hours of the morning where is stays solid on 5G alll night until maybe 06:00hrs

Has anyone experienced this with this device and service and if so did you get any resolution ?


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Photo Three BB CA but no bandwidth aggregation
Posted by: aleesi - 21/08/2023, 02:29 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (1)


Just wanted to check those with Three if anyone has experienced the below, the router is showing CA, in some cases a very promising B1+B3+B3 however the speed seems to be around 60-80mbps only. What's more surprising is that each band in isolation delivers 60-80mbps, i.e. the router connects to the diff bands showing CA however the bandwidth doesn't stack up. 

I've used different APNs 3internet / 3ireland.ie / 3broadband.ie no luck, different masts same behaviour, and I tried two different mikrotiks and a Huawei CPE. The SIM is a BB 4G (the 29.99 plan) 

Any help would be much appreciated
[Image: Unsaved-Image-1.jpg]

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  Vodafone UK 4G Band 20 - 2x2 MIMO?
Posted by: cancunia - 21/08/2023, 09:45 AM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (4)

Just wondering if there's any way to tell if my local Vodafone Band 20 is using 2x2 MIMO or not? Maybe it's all 2x2 MIMO these days but I can't seem to find anything definitive on that.

My external antenna has 2 (+/- 45 degree) connectors, so maybe checking the speed just using one connection would indicate if it's 2x2 MIMO?


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  Replacement router to work with Poynting Directional antenna
Posted by: Lialwarrior - 20/08/2023, 02:08 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (4)

Hi All,

I'm using Three's €29.99 monthly 4G broadband plan at home, and I'm not tied to a contract anymore. Apparently, they're rolling out Fiber internet in my area in about 6 months. So, I'm not really keen on getting into any new 12/24-month contracts.

I've got a couple of questions and I'd really appreciate your thoughts:

1.) I need to switch out my old Huawei B525s-23a 4G/LTE router. I've got a 5G-XPOL-A0002-10m Poynting Directional antenna for GSM/3G/4G/5G. If I get my hands on an unlocked Huawei B818-263 4G/LTE Router secondhand, do you think my external antenna would work with it? I guess I'd also need 2 x TS9 Male to SMA Female Adapter Cables.

2.) Do you have any suggestions for other routers that could work with my antenna? Or maybe just better options out there?


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