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  Possible fixed wireless setup/How I'd go about it
Posted by: Emilia - 17/10/2020, 01:51 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (14)

Since Three are probably going to leave me with no options on the table, other than suffering with the poor speeds... Say for example, I can only think of two people I know that live in fibre areas that might do it  but if I asked someone to have a fiber connection added to their home , could I try broadcasting it back up here via wireless? Would it be doable and if so , like how far/what would you need?

The first choice id have (closest) example would be 1.95 KM away and I think i'd have direct line of sight pretty much , if not the hill that may be blocking me is only  few meters directly infront me and we own the land there so could probably just put the dish there. I saw people using setups with solar power and using wifi links to take a fiber connection from someones home in a town, back to a rural area. I'm starting to wonder should I try something like this. 

The second person I had in mind lives in gweedore so there's a huge hill in the way, i'd assume you'd have to have a dish at the house, one on the hill and another at the house with the fiber connection. Is any of this realistically possible? And if it was, what would be the best way of doing it / would the speeds be affected much from the distance? 1.95 KM direct line of sight for the first option, and the second option , would be 5.39 KM directly , but there would be a huge hill in the way, so something would probably have to be solar powered on top of the hill if that is even a realistic option, but at this stage, drastic measures is the only way i'm going to get a decent connection Big Grin   

Would three or any other operator be doing things like fixed wireless access? now that 5G is a thing, it could be more realistic? I dont know anything really about it but from researching some stuff, it looks doable.

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  Improve Band 3 connection - LGH LTE
Posted by: waveguide - 15/10/2020, 02:11 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (2)

I have one of these since July, and up until a couple of weeks ago I was getting a decent connection on from an Eir mast 12Km away.


Band 20 SINR +/- 15db - Speed 22Mb
Band 28 SINR +/-22db - Speed 35Mb
Band 3 SNR +/- 5db - Speed 60Mb (can drop to -2db in certain weather conditions)

Around 3 weeks ago the SINR on Band 20 and 28 suddenly dropped, and has stayed the same since:

Band 20 SINR fluctuates between -2 and 6db every few seconds
Band 28 SINR fluctuates between -2 and 8db every few seconds

Band 3 has remained the same, Band 3 SNR +/- 5db - Speed 60Mb

I thought initially that the external antenna might be damaged, but B3 is fine so everything should be OK with it.
Also the RSSI has remained the same, so I am guessing there is some sort of interference.

As a workaround, I can use the internal antennas on the B818 router in the attic to get around 25Mb/s on Band 28 and the SINR still fluctuates a little, but not as much.
I am unable to get decent B3 or 20 in the attic.

I do have a three mast 3KM away, is it possible that this is the source of the interference? Maybe they are testing some 5G frequencies?

I am thinking of getting a Mikrotik LGH LTE dish/CPE to improve Band 3. Would I be right in thinking that it should provide a better connection on B3 compared to the LOG antenna?
As I said previously, B3 is fine most of the time, but during bad weather it can drop down in strength a few db, making it unusable.


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  Comreg bans external broadband aerials?
Posted by: Patrick - 15/10/2020, 10:33 AM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (1)

Saw this on a website when looking for a Poynting  XPOL-2 
30/09/2020 Update:

We have been notified by Comreg that under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1926, these antennas are not licenced to be used in The Republic of Ireland for the purposes of connecting into a mobile modem.
Hence we are only permitted to sell this item to users who confirm that they do not intend to use this antenna in Ireland

Do you know anything about this Sean? They can still be bought outside of Ireland.

Would there be much loss with a 10M cable v the 5M on the above aerial, 10m just suits the house layout better.

when would you go for a LOG v a panel antenna?


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  High voltage overhead power lines influence on the LTE signal
Posted by: Comsman - 11/10/2020, 10:17 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (2)

Hi Sean

From your experience, do high voltage overhead power lines influence the quality of LTE signal to log antennas.


See attached pic. Antenna mounted on workshop, directed underneath.

Any info appreciated as always

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  4G and 5G routers to avoid for external antenna use
Posted by: Seán - 09/10/2020, 11:32 AM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (1)

In what appears to be Huawei trying to cut manufacturing costs, many of its new mains powered routers are doing away with ports that you typically expect to find on mobile broadband routers, such as multiple Ethernet ports for Ethernet devices, signal strength LEDs, antenna ports for improving reception in fringe reception areas and usually a telephone port for VoIP.

Some may have noticed that the recent Huawei routers now only have one or two Ethernet ports, such as the B528 (one port) and the B818 (two ports).  Even the number of signal bars dropped from 5 to 3 or just 1 in the case of its 5G routers.  A few have also done away with the phone port.  These cut backs are straight forward to workaround, e.g. use a network switch to connect more Ethernet devices, use the web interface to see the signal bars and a separate VoIP adapter or dedicated VoIP phone for your VoIP phone provider.

With many Huawei's 5G routers, they have done away with the antenna ports! Confused

In Ireland, all three networks operate 5G on the 3.6GHz band (5G band 78) that was previously licenced out to fixed wireless operators and point-to-point links.  4G operates on the 800MHz and 1800MHz bands.  The higher the frequency, the worse its penetration capability.  This is the main reason mobile operators use the 800MHz band extensively in rural areas as it penetrates concrete much better than the 1800MHz band. 

With the poor penetration capability of the 1800MHz band, there is no doubt that most people in rural areas will only have outdoor coverage on the 3.6GHz 5G band.  Modern building insulation materials make it even more likely to depend on an outdoor antenna as the signals cannot pass through foil-backed insulation or even glass windows due to the energy efficient coatings applied.  The plastic window frames are generally the only places now where the signal can get through. 

Huawei 4G routers with only one antenna port:

  • Huawei B311 series
  • Huawei 4G Router 2s
Huawei 5G routers without antenna ports:
  • Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 (H122-373)
  • Huawei 5G Mobile WiFi (E6878-870)
  • Huawei 5G Mobile WiFi Pro (E6878-370)
  • Huawei 5G CPE Win *
Note: Routers marked with a * are intended to be mounted outdoors to overcome the issue with walls, modern glass or insulation blocking the signal.  However, these still require an adequate outdoor 5G signal and are best mounted high up.  

For anyone that comes across any other 5G routers without antenna ports, please let me know or mention below and I add them to this post.

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  siteviewer.comreg.ie .. more info ?
Posted by: TommieDee - 01/10/2020, 01:21 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (1)

Hello All

is there any means by which more information can be found for a mast site as listed on siteviewer.comreg.ie
As an example, see below (data taken from siteviewer.comreg.ie ) 

Is is possible to find more details to add to that shown below ?  (any suggestions grateful, manual or automated searches ok ) 


Site Details

Site ID CK_3740
Easting 146732
Northing 73547
Latitude 51.91
Longitude -8.77
Operator Meteor
Services GSM UMTS

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  Vodafone LTE router network unlock
Posted by: fusillifanclub - 01/10/2020, 12:33 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (2)

Just recently heard back from Vodafone rejecting a request for a network unlock code for a B528 that came with a contract (the 300GB one). They said that they only provide unlock for voice plans. I was surprised by this as had similar devices unlocked by three and eir in the past. Would anyone know if there is another avenue to request this from them or if they have any obligation to unlock it through the course of the contract?

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  4G Router Only - Suggestion
Posted by: Edf - 30/09/2020, 11:08 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (2)

Hi Seán

tl:dr 4G router only , already have antenna(poynting) and wifi(unifi)

i didn't see a thread asking my question exactly and didn't want to hijack someone elses

Currently on the vodafone simply 4g plan but coming to the end of the contract next month, so exploring a few options. namely Eir and 3 maybe
Gear i have already 

  • Poynting XPOL-2 Directional Antenna (mostly because of this and your other site)
  • UniFi setup in the house for wifi/ethernet etc.
  • Vodafone router is the B528-23s
When i get normal readings(*) this is the average info

RSRQ: -7dB
RSRP: -84dBm
SINR: 10dB
Band: 3 (also 20 as checked with LTE Inspecture/LTE-H)
3km with LOS to the mast , aerial on roof

The antenna took the signal from 3-4 bars to full 5, all the time, and a boost of maybe 20-30 Mbps d/l, 

(*)Vodafone in my area atm are completely variable and in the evening (19:00-00:00) (it was 12:00 to 00:00  three weeks ago) 
i could end up with 2-3 down but yet 20-30 up on 4G.
i'm better off going on 3G when this starts, its more stable.
i try to not pay too much attention to up/down numbers, but when pages dont load and steraming gets stuck then its a pain.
At 8am i could get 60-70 down on 4G, called into the VF shop and they said there had been complaints about the Simply 4G and they were waiting to hear back, but .. well... at least it means its not a problem on my side. Hopefully this will be fixed soonish, they're good for a screw up every now and again as can be seen on boards.ie

The Question
So, with that out of the way, i'm looking for advice on 4g router.

I see only a passing mention of it on your other site(in comments) but am thinking of a Huawei B535.
seems to be two options on Amazon atm, one for £99 and one for £149, both seemingly the same model!

Just wondering am i missing something with the 535? i don't mind paying the bit extra if its a good one.
the 525 seems to be roughly the same price.
i see the cheaper 311 only has the one antenna so thats no good, and all the others seem way more expensive.
also seen the teletonika(?) and other bits, but i do like the LTE Programe for monitoring the signals/bands etc.
Recently got a Tenda4G680, but that went back, it worked, but just very little info like the LTE Inspectuer program etc.

As i said,, no need for wifi and have the poynting. and dont need to phone port either as on the 525

If i've missed a post about this very thing, then please delete this as no point in doubling up info.

Finally, thanks for this site , its a great resource.
I've been confused more often than not when leaving with all the info here, but i think it's seeping in,,, slowly.[Image: biggrin.png]


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  Forum e-mail confirmation update
Posted by: Seán - 30/09/2020, 06:55 PM - Forum: The branch - No Replies

I have changed the forum's MyBB e-mail configuration to SMTP as the forum's PHP mailer often led to e-mails being treated as spam, especially Gmail.  

For anyone that tried registering, but did not receive a verification e-mail, try logging in.  I have manually activated all accounts awaiting e-mail confirmation that were not created with a VPN.  

If you register and do not receive an activation e-mail, try coming back later or the next day.  I get a notification whenever a new account is created and I will activate any that are not flagged as suspicious, i.e. created with a privacy VPN, proxy or Blacklist.  I do not block the use of VPNs, but am generally more cautious as so far every spam post I've dealt with on the Myce and TestMy forums were posted over a VPN or a proxy.

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  Mikro Tik
Posted by: Comsman - 28/09/2020, 07:44 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (12)

Hi Sean,

First time poster but long time student. Thanks for all the fantastic info.

I have 2 seperate antennas in mind for LTE on my rural farm in Kildare.  I know a friend who had the log antenna for a while and it worked well. The POE MikroTik with RouterOS intrigued me and I would dearly love to hear your thoughts on it. 

[font="Amazon Ember", Arial, sans-serif]LTE High Performance – LTE LOG Antenna (800MHz, 1800, 2600) 20dB[/font]


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