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  Iskra antenna set and Huawei router
Posted by: markata - 04/01/2022, 01:02 AM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (3)


First of all I would like to thank you for the nice and techy forum!

Thanks to it last summer I decided to buy Iskra Antenna set P-60 5G 7003800 . I used it together with Huawei B315s-22 . It produced great approvement of coverage 4 out of 5 bars network. I got 30Mbits download speed vs around 3-3.5Mbps upload speed when both antennas are connected. If only first antenna is chosen over the web UI the download speed is devided by 2 - around 13-14mbits

All was fine until I decided to request new service, for which they provide telecom's equipment - Huawei B311-221. I didnt't notice that the back of it has only 1SMA connector for external antenna.

I checked over internet and specially found over AliExpress for SMA Male to Dual SMA Female Connector Splitter 50ohm RG316 Coax Cable Y Type Extension Cord.

My question is if I use such splitter to connect to it both antennas, will it combine both antenna speeds as when connected separately?

Thank you!

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  Advice on my setup and 3 speed throttling
Posted by: Sticks7 - 02/01/2022, 12:38 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (2)

Hi All

Found the forum and it's been an amazing resource when trying to get my mobile broadband configured. 

Currently using an TP-Link MR200 with a Poynting XPOL-2-5G capable antenna (698 - 960 MHz & 1710 - 3800 MHz, 11dBi) . I'm going to swap the router out for a B525 as it will give me more configuration options, band selection etc. I'm currently getting around 35-45 Mbps download and 15 Mbps upload. Judging by ComReg Site Viewer I'm pointing towards an 800 MHz cell, 4G+ not available, however speeds do vary a little as I would not have direct LOS and it's approx. 3-4kms away. I'll be able to check my signal values better when I get the B525. 

I'm a pretty heavy user and could average 15 to 20 gb of download a day. Every 24 - 36 hours Three appear to be throttling my speeds, download goes below 1Mbps yet upload remains around 15 Mbps. I used to turn off my device for approx. 5 mins and then turn it back on again which would usually fix the issue but the last while it doesn't. If I changed to the 3 Data SIM Unlimited (750GB) Bill Pay plan would this fix my issue? Or has anyone have similar issues? XPOL-2-

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  New eir payg sim no 4g connection.
Posted by: scannerman2021 - 01/01/2022, 11:21 AM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (4)

Hello and a very Happy New year to one and all,So I recently got a new eir pay sim for my router got it up and running and no 4g connection only 3g connection I rang eir and went to a eir shop they said the sim is perfect nothing wrong,Got my mate around he's on eir network put his sim in router bingo 4g straight away and very good download speeds,put my sim in his phone and still the same only 3g connection we then compared apn settings and both were the exact same I'm out of ideas now if anyone could shed some light on this I'd be more than great full thanks .

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  Mikrotik Chateau 5G / Unable to hold N3/N78 bands RG502Q-EA
Posted by: Eagle - 29/12/2021, 06:00 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (47)

Trying to figure out an issue with 5G where I live, I live about 16 kilometers away from the serving mast from Three Ireland with direct line of sight.

I have a netgear MR5200 + Mikrotik chateau 5G , and a samsung S20 + A52 5G and they all cannot connect to the 5G from home. The *#0011# SIM information readout on my S20 says : RACH_PROBLEM and the 5G symbol keeps flickering from outlined grey to white over and over.

I initially thought in the past the 5G symbol flickering from outlined 5G to full white was something to do with N78 band being unable to synchronise the uplink since I am 16km away like Seán has said in the past. Three Ireland upgraded the site and deployed N3 here so I thought I should have no problem getting that but the same issue occurs.

Regardless of where I select N3 only on the mikrotik 5G router or not. However the A22 5G has no problem getting 500 Mbps down and about 60-70 Mbps upload and it connects to both N78 and N3.One thing to note is my S20 connects to N78 and N3 on every other site I’ve been to while travelling and also when I drive closer to my serving cell. It just seems to be unable to from home. I assume the routers would be able to as well.

It will just keep failing to connect every few seconds… on the chateau 5G it is something similar. It will show N3 for a second or two then disappear and all the bands will aggregate differently. It will keep doing this in a loop every few seconds and will not hold onto the N3 connection. There is more than adequate signal.
I manage to catch a screenshot of when it briefly connected before losing it.

[Image: dc6ac3c9227823481f8d82d62d612c3adadaf5e1_2_690x238.png]


I then tested my partners A22 5G phone connects no problem though with really good speed results, on both N78 and N3. I was really surprised about being able to connect to N78 since I am 16 km away.
The common thing between my devices is they all have a snapdragon X55 modem. and the A22 5G has a Mediatek Dimensity 700.
Why is the mediatek able to connect no problem whereas my other 4 devices all have this same issue. Is there a way to rectify this ? 

Reposting it as a more condensed summary of the issue Tongue  so I can link it to Three. I've posted on quectel also to see if they have any opinion

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  Optimal Antenna to complete 4X4 MIMO setup Chateau 5G
Posted by: Eagle - 07/12/2021, 04:00 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (41)

Was just wondering what would the absolute best antenna setup I could do here, the 2100 Mhz antennas work exceptionally well on B1, aggregating the two band 1 cells always gets 100-160 ish Mbps. 

I'm certain there is something wrong with the LPDA 92s , the SINR and RSRP is much much better on the 2100 Mhz antennas when they're the primary antenna port... its strange the LPDA's aren't as affected on lower bands , the signal deterioration is more apparent with the higher bands, maybe the water ingress affects the higher bands in terms of degradation more than lower frequencies? just speculating was wondering what you'd think.

The only thing is they are noticeably weaker on B3, and not really any good at all on lower bands. 

What would be an optimal setup of antennas I could get to maximise/futureproof them? Basically wondering what's the best thing you could get  Big Grin 

I noticed some weird things like aggregating the 515 EARFCN B1 cell with B3 or setting it as the primary cell with other bands causes really poor throughput, 30 ish mbps. whereas on its own it'll pull 100 combined with the other B1 cell... doesn't seem to work well with other bands for some reason... but making the 100 EARFCN B1 cell primary , that issue is non existent so I stick with that one and it tends to be almost empty with -6 or -7 RSRQ most of the time and a 20+ SINR Tongue 

Another strange thing that still occurs is the instant connection drop upon certain band combos , same issue I described in the past, seems like certain band combinations / specific order will end up failing to hold after 10 seconds and try another combo.

I actually noticed the 15 Mhz B3 cell has disappeared , Kinda praying they add N3 there now instead... I wonder what they're doing to it ? Been hoping for that for a while now. 

Edit: It actually showed up for a split second in the CA section , as cell ID 1, so assumed they've already replaced it but not been able to get it to show myself .. wonder can I lock it somehow?

And Is it possible to set N3 as the primary band I wonder?

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  Three 4g download speed.
Posted by: scannerman2021 - 30/11/2021, 01:08 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (1)

Hi all
So here is my situation I have relations and they live in the sticks,The only signal they can get is three network 4g but the speeds are very bad,They tested early in the morning and late at night  and they get around 25/30 mbps download not sure what the upload is but most of the day download speeds are 5/8 mbps.They have a 4g antenna on the chimney and its pointed to the only mast in the area which is about 1km away from the house.So I brought down my huawei router and poynting xpol 2 directional antenna the weekend to test out myself and I set it up and using the huactrl app the only band I could get to work was band 20 800mhz, and the results were pretty much the same as there's,that might explain the low download speeds as the mast could be congested,I'm just curious to know is there any other things I could do or tips to improve the download speeds and keep it steady any help would be appreciated thank you.

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  Advice on beginner set up?
Posted by: Gerard - 30/11/2021, 10:12 AM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (8)

Hi Folks,

Recently I picked up a Huawei B535 and a Poynting XPOL A0001 antenna to do some experimenting with as my fixed broadband has been very poor with no sign of fibre coming any time soon. My mobile is with Eir and I can get decent 4G reception indoors. From looking at Opensignal, it's picking up the Eir mast that's about 9km away and has an almost perfect line of sight. Three have a mast that's ~2.75km away but the line of sight is poor, they also seem to have one at the Eir location that is 9km away so it may be worth trying this too.

I'm wondering what advice people could give on getting the best from this set up? What should I be looking out for? Did you encounter any issue with something similar? I intend to get a Three sim to run a few tests on also. 

Last night I used the phone sim with the routers internal antenna and ran a few speed tests inside the house in "not ideal" locations. I received 10-12mb download and ~8mb upload which is already better than the fixed line broadband. 

Thanks in advance,

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  New ePoynting aerial
Posted by: Patrick - 29/11/2021, 12:19 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (1)

Hi Sean,
Poynting have a new e version of the XPOL2 which allows you to mount a router in the aerial box. Obviously cuts RF cable losses. Of cousre in the example they use, it's a 15m cable which is never used, most are 5m. Says the 15m loss is 8dB.


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  Helium(HNT) Mining in Ireland
Posted by: Eagle - 27/11/2021, 12:14 AM - Forum: Equipment and Software - No Replies

So in the whole cryptocurrency space, found this project for passive income and found that there was quite a few clusters of people in Ireland doing it. It seems to work by a proof of coverage system, so you earn passive income paid in HNT (42$ per HNT at the minute) 

"Hotspots provide miles of wireless network coverage for millions of devices around you using Helium LongFi, and you are rewarded in HNT for doing this. And because of an innovative proof-of-work model (we call it “Proof-of-Coverage”), your Hotspot only uses 5W of energy"

They seem to benefit from having an outdoor antenna / mounting them up high and spacing them as far apart as possible to create as much coverage as possible, basically acting a bit like an ISP by having multiple cell towers. 

I wonder do these "LoRa" antennas differ from the typical 4G antenna. From what I can tell this thing uses something in the 800-900 Mhz frequency
They seem to retail for about 500$. There's a couple of clusters in Ireland and some of them are cleaning up money wise. Earning a lot of HNT per month, some people making thousands a month from some small 5 device clusters. Return on investment seems really good, basically paying itself off in no time and only 5 watts to run, would be much more realistic than BTC/ETH mining which a big chunk of your income is lost on electricity alone. Seems promising/interesting at the least

Was wondering what do you think about this? They seem to benefit by having "witnesses" from what I can tell , means connect to eachother, so probably needing line of sight. I see some fella in killybegs with a cluster upBig Grin 

Here's the map of where the nodes are: https://explorer.helium.com/hotspots

The map of nodes , when you click on them , tells you how much HNT each earns per month and per day, and the balance.

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  5G now also on Eir prepay
Posted by: Seán - 15/11/2021, 10:34 PM - Forum: Mobile Broadband - Replies (27)

Following Vodafone's new 5G prepay plans, it didn't take long for Eir to do the same.  Big Grin

However, unlike Three and Vodafone, Eir has retained its existing pricing: Cool

€20 plan - Every 4 weeks

  • Unlimited 5G data (speed limit after 120GB)
  • Either unlimited calls or texts to national #s
  • 10.9GB EU roaming (€3.63/GB excess)

€30 plan - Every 4 weeks
  • Unlimited 5G data (speed limit after 120GB)
  • Unlimited calls and texts to national #s
  • 16.3GB EU roaming (€3.63/GB excess)


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