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Full Version: Samsung A51 5G Supports 4G band 20+3+3 carrier aggregation
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When I bought my Samsung A51 5G, it looked like it would support band 20+3+1 aggregation, but not 20+3+3 going by the cacombos website.

Today I walked up a hill behind our house which puts me in view of the distant cells. To my surprise, not only did my phone connect to another mast that I don't pick up at home, it also aggregated with two different band 3 cells, i.e. EARFCN 1700 (Three native) and 1275 (former O2): Cool


Once the lockdown ends and I'm out and about, I'm curious to see whether it is capable of other less common band combinations, such as 20+3+3+1 that the flagship phones support.  My previous HTC U11 was not capable of aggregating 20+3+3, let alone 20+3+1 despite its Cat 16 LTE modem.